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  1. hey there,  i went to have a look at ted lasso tv series looks as though all the links are dead.  could you reupload on mixdrop and i was wondering if i have old movies and vidoes to share how would i go about donating them here.  

  2. stevechan100

    Attractive dames in distress, super awesome 1 liners. who could ask for anything more! Much Obliged.
  3. stevechan100

    wow, his girlfriend was in an episode of star trek with captain kirk william shatner!
  4. stevechan100

    a beautiful morgan fairchild before al the plastic surgery.
  5. stevechan100

    thank you sirs!
  6. stevechan100

    awesome!!! thanks...
  7. hey there, ready for the last season 6 northern exposure.  wished they make another one like it.  you don't see those type of shows anymore.  sad it's coming to an end.  best always.

  8. hey ready for northern exposure season 5 & 6.  Best.