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  1. rugbugbenny

    Looking forward to this one, read a couple of books about it.
  2. rugbugbenny

    Thank you very muchly! Didn't even know about this movie until yesterday.
  3. rugbugbenny

    Never heard of it but it looks fantastic! The PSB's tune goes great with the trailer. Thanks!
  4. rugbugbenny

    Thanks! I'll give this a go trailer looks good.
  5. rugbugbenny

    An excellent movie well worth a watch for anyone that hasn't seen it.
  6. rugbugbenny

    Thanks. Been looking forward to this for a while.
  7. rugbugbenny

    Great movie!!! I pick LA Takedown over Heat every time. Sport!
  8. rugbugbenny

    Fantastic!!! This is one of my favourite movies.
  9. rugbugbenny

    Fantastic! Really looking forward to watching this.
  10. rugbugbenny

    Thanks! Gave the trailera brief watch and looks like this could be pretty good.
  11. rugbugbenny

    Thanks! Great quality.
  12. rugbugbenny

    Thanks much appreciated!
  13. rugbugbenny

    I've been looking all over for this! I'll be landing in Venice tomorrow night.