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  1. FilmFanatic

    On, nice one! Pretty sure I haven't seen this one. Tks!
  2. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this. Always good for a laugh. LOL
  3. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this, Barry. It really is one of the better Brit comedies to come out of the sixties. I hope I won't be the only one enjoying it.
  4. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this, Barry. Much appreciated.
  5. FilmFanatic

    Cult classics - taken together. Excellent post. Thank you!
  6. FilmFanatic

    Great cast so should be good. Thank you!
  7. FilmFanatic

    Really excellent film, this. Thanks for posting it, Barry.
  8. FilmFanatic

    Good film! Thank you. XX
  9. FilmFanatic

    Thank you! I shall watch this tonight and have a good chuckle. XX
  10. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this. Good film.
  11. FilmFanatic

    And for this, too. XX
  12. FilmFanatic

    Thank you! XX
  13. FilmFanatic

    Oh, great choice! This should cheer us all up, ha, ha! (I am only teasing, just in case you wondered.) LOL XX
  14. FilmFanatic

    Still one of the best films of its type. Thank you for posting it, Barry - and Happy New year.
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