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  1. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this. John Ford directing John Wayne. Always good entertainment.
  2. FilmFanatic

    Can't think how I missed this when it came out, especially as it stars my favourite actress, Emma Thompson. Thank you!
  3. FilmFanatic

    We need more culture. This is a good start. Thank you, as ever.
  4. FilmFanatic

    This is a six, seven and eight star movie! Thnk you!
  5. FilmFanatic

    Thank you!
  6. FilmFanatic

    How good is that? Thank you. I have to say, the service here really is excelent! I wish I could leave a generous tip - I always do in the real world. Know ye, that I am most chuffed and delighted. Thank you!
  7. FilmFanatic

    Great stuff! Surprisingy funny movie. Thank you.
  8. FilmFanatic

    Oooh, this should be good! Thank you!
  9. FilmFanatic

    Allow me to add my thanks, too. X
  10. FilmFanatic

    Saw this when I was a mere lad. It will be good to see it again. Thanks for posting. LOL
  11. FilmFanatic

    Nice copy. Thank you.
  12. FilmFanatic

    Excellent film. Thank you.
  13. FilmFanatic

    An another classic! TKS!
  14. FilmFanatic

    Classic! Thank you.
  15. FilmFanatic

    Wow! Here's a treat - and the Robert Newton version, too. Thank you!