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  1. GeeDee

    A deceptively understated yet very clever dissection of dementia, enhanced by some excellent acting and judicial direction and editing. Time and space jumps and folds, while characters and memories overlap, merge, then separate again. The effect is unnerving and disorientating, just like the illness the film depicts. A superb musical soundtrack (by Ludovico Einaudi) adds to the overall filmic quality, whose substantial weight and gravitas is an inverted reflection of the fragility and disintegration felt by the central character(s). Highly recommended. Thanks for posting.
  2. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, any chance of re-refreshing the links please? Thanks.
  3. GeeDee

    This is a highly stylised movie, expertly edited and framed, that uses a real-life abuse scandal – of elderly people who are entrapped by court order, then fleeced by guardians and private care homes – as the foundation of a storyline that is all too shockingly plausible. Unfortunately, this clean dark tone soon degenerates into arch comic book cliché – the two primary villains are an ice cool sociopath lesbian feminist with a bob haircut, and a dwarf – and numerous implausible plot contrivances strive to undermine the movie, despite its directorial verve. Three cheers for the impeccable denouement though!
  4. GeeDee

    This quickly degenerates into just another action movie, albeit one with superb effects. Occasionally, the action is credibly tense, but most of it is overblown and entirely predictable – when a crowd of would-be evacuees rushes a military base, guns are fired and, lo and behold, a refuelling airplane erupts in flames; one of many similarly banal scenes – while the barrage of action, explosions and carnage is more-or-less constant and, over the course of the film, incredibly monotonous. Nor can it disguise a thin, less-than-credible plot and mawkish, one-dimensional characterisation. Action Man™ stars in hackneyed Action Movie™. That’s all.
  5. GeeDee

    Is it a period drama? A social critique? A murder mystery? A comedy? Robert Altman cannot decide, despite setting the scene with an eye for detail that promises much, but ultimately fails to deliver. The film merely drifts along documenting a thousand perfunctory non-events, like cinematic lingchi. Then there is the all-too-predictable murder, and its multiple suspects. Stephen Fry gatecrashes the movie as a clueless police inspector, but his comic turn falls flat. There is no suspense to puncture. It all plays out in an unaffected fashion, while the ‘great and good’ of British drama go through the motions.
  6. GeeDee

    One Night In Miami is an imaginative response to the institutionalised racism within the US. Four real-life black cultural icons of the mid-60s meet in a hotel room, ostensibly to celebrate Cassius Clay’s newly-won heavyweight crown. But instead of partying they end up in earnest discussion and heartfelt argument about how to effectively challenge and change America’s racist status quo. The film eschews naturalism (there is little blood, sweat or grime) and its polished veneer clarifies the staged artifice of its production, yet the script’s and the actors’ emotional intelligence and honesty allows the film to mold its own authenticity.
  7. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, these links are down already. Any chance of a refresh? Thank you.
  8. GeeDee

    Mank is short for Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, which is critically understood to be one the best movies ever made, and it’s my guess that a good knowledge of that movie would lead to a fuller appreciation of this one, an homage that focuses on Mank’s struggles to write the script. The film’s convoluted set of storylines (personal and political) are entangled and multi-layered, bouncing back-and-forth between ‘then’ (depression-era 1930s) and ‘now’ (1940), documenting Mank’s destruction of his professional status (he fell out with all the main protagonists and would never work again) while at the same time creating his best piece of work (for which he won an Oscar). And yet, despite being well-acted (mostly) and gorgeously shot in reverent black and white, the film remains strangely flat and emotionally distant, and at least a couple of clichéd scenes challenge our sympathy, as does Mank himself, despite his tragic booze-fuelled unravelling. Flawed, but definitely worth a watch. Thanks for uploading.
  9. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, just to let you know that this movie cuts off before the end: it's only 1hr 17 when it should be 1hr 43. Thanks.
  10. GeeDee

    Wolfwalkers is a gorgeous animation that equates the English conqust of Ireland in the 17th century with ecocide, pitting the human-centric religious extremism and colonialism of Cromwell’s puritans (which was intertwined with the growth of industrialisation and capitalism), against the paganism and magic of Ireland’s forests and their ‘wolfwalkers’. Cromwell’s cousins were busy doing the same in America, of course, and this is really a universal tale of empire-building, ethnic cleansing and environmental destruction, which reminded me very much of Watership Down. It resurrects that psychedelic joy and environmental innocence of the 60s and 70s – the Gaia hypothesis – and passes it off as family entertainment (and, I might add, ideal Xmas viewing). Yes, the film’s absolutist approach is reminiscent of Disney, yet this movie is so much more charming than any of their (recent) efforts. Here, the military township is rendered in hard, straight, regimented lines while the spirits of the forest are soft, curvaceous and freeflowing, which might not be subtle, but it is extremely effective and the artwork manages to beautifully capture the seismic shift between the monochrome of military, rule-bound thinking (epitomised by ‘the book’) to the colourful spectrum of collaborative freethinking (where communication rests upon all senses, notably sounds and smells). Living free, in nature, as opposed to within the walls of a physical and mental stockade. Highly Recommended.
  11. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, any chance of a Mixdrop link for this one? Thanks.
  12. GeeDee

    Muscle is a taut and tense psychological thriller that is superbly composed in a moody black and white. The twisted undertones of black comedy – there are no actual laughs, but how the central character’s attempt at self-improvement in the gym unravels so spectacularly, and how he, as such a brazen salesman, is himself so easily duped! – would be darkly funny if it were not all so tragic, disorientating and eerie! An excellent cast is backed up by a superb soundtrack (by The The) whose sonic depth matches the brutal landscapes. The general infusion of toxic masculinity (that affects both genders) feels like a metaphor for the cruelty of a society from which there seems to be no escape. Modern middle-European surrealism dressed up as contemporary English realism. Highly recommended.
  13. GeeDee

    This would be exemplar family movie territory if it wasn’t for the fact that the word “fuck” features throughout in an attempt to give the film a bit of an edge. (There must be a ‘clean’ version for TV.) In reality, this movie is as corny as they come: two brothers – a square one and a cool one (he’s into jazz, at least); it’s all very white and black – fall out over a woman, with whom the latter will find his redemption. They then make up over a meaningful shot of whisky. This all plays out to a backdrop of cheesy piano standards, a bit of jazz, hotel ballrooms and bedrooms, and smokey dive bars, with the many many cigarettes that the couple-to-be smoke symbolising the smouldering sexual tension that exists between them. The film’s invocation is straightforward and trades in simplistic clichés, without there being any real grit or noise to it. The streets and skylines of the Big Apple may be somewhat bitten, but there is no real tension. On the contrary, ongoing sub-plots feature a cute kid and a cute dog! One for Xmas with the folks. Just remember to use a foul language filter!
  14. GeeDee

    This is a slow-burning cop movie that luxuriates in the clichés of that genre until they seem perfectly ordinary and believable. A superb ambient soundtrack, along with some nice acting, dialogue and pacing, add to the depth of flavour, but the director fails to keep a lid on a few unnecessarily over-the-top ingredients that only serve to add some unpalatable sour notes, alas. A worthy effort though.
  15. GeeDee

    Tenet is an extremely underwhelming proto-James Bond sci-fi movie, which is nowhere near as intelligent as it pretends to be, relying as it does on theory of time gobbledegook to hide the fact that it’s merely another shoot ‘em up; and a wholly unexciting one at that. The reversed audio-visuals are vaguely entertaining, but this can’t sustain a film that is essentially running on empty. When not in reverse the film struggles without success to crunch into forward gear, despite the non-stop set-piece action and quick-edits, the director putting his foot on the accelerator, but getting nowhere, stuck in time. A perfectly ordinary spectacular.