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  1. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, just to let you know that this movie cuts off before the end: it's only 1hr 17 when it should be 1hr 43. Thanks.
  2. GeeDee

    Wolfwalkers is a gorgeous animation that equates the English conqust of Ireland in the 17th century with ecocide, pitting the human-centric religious extremism and colonialism of Cromwell’s puritans (which was intertwined with the growth of industrialisation and capitalism), against the paganism and magic of Ireland’s forests and their ‘wolfwalkers’. Cromwell’s cousins were busy doing the same in America, of course, and this is really a universal tale of empire-building, ethnic cleansing and environmental destruction, which reminded me very much of Watership Down. It resurrects that psychedelic joy and environmental innocence of the 60s and 70s – the Gaia hypothesis – and passes it off as family entertainment (and, I might add, ideal Xmas viewing). Yes, the film’s absolutist approach is reminiscent of Disney, yet this movie is so much more charming than any of their (recent) efforts. Here, the military township is rendered in hard, straight, regimented lines while the spirits of the forest are soft, curvaceous and freeflowing, which might not be subtle, but it is extremely effective and the artwork manages to beautifully capture the seismic shift between the monochrome of military, rule-bound thinking (epitomised by ‘the book’) to the colourful spectrum of collaborative freethinking (where communication rests upon all senses, notably sounds and smells). Living free, in nature, as opposed to within the walls of a physical and mental stockade. Highly Recommended.
  3. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, any chance of a Mixdrop link for this one? Thanks.
  4. GeeDee

    Muscle is a taut and tense psychological thriller that is superbly composed in a moody black and white. The twisted undertones of black comedy – there are no actual laughs, but how the central character’s attempt at self-improvement in the gym unravels so spectacularly, and how he, as such a brazen salesman, is himself so easily duped! – would be darkly funny if it were not all so tragic, disorientating and eerie! An excellent cast is backed up by a superb soundtrack (by The The) whose sonic depth matches the brutal landscapes. The general infusion of toxic masculinity (that affects both genders) feels like a metaphor for the cruelty of a society from which there seems to be no escape. Modern middle-European surrealism dressed up as contemporary English realism. Highly recommended.
  5. GeeDee

    This would be exemplar family movie territory if it wasn’t for the fact that the word “fuck” features throughout in an attempt to give the film a bit of an edge. (There must be a ‘clean’ version for TV.) In reality, this movie is as corny as they come: two brothers – a square one and a cool one (he’s into jazz, at least); it’s all very white and black – fall out over a woman, with whom the latter will find his redemption. They then make up over a meaningful shot of whisky. This all plays out to a backdrop of cheesy piano standards, a bit of jazz, hotel ballrooms and bedrooms, and smokey dive bars, with the many many cigarettes that the couple-to-be smoke symbolising the smouldering sexual tension that exists between them. The film’s invocation is straightforward and trades in simplistic clichés, without there being any real grit or noise to it. The streets and skylines of the Big Apple may be somewhat bitten, but there is no real tension. On the contrary, ongoing sub-plots feature a cute kid and a cute dog! One for Xmas with the folks. Just remember to use a foul language filter!
  6. GeeDee

    This is a slow-burning cop movie that luxuriates in the clichés of that genre until they seem perfectly ordinary and believable. A superb ambient soundtrack, along with some nice acting, dialogue and pacing, add to the depth of flavour, but the director fails to keep a lid on a few unnecessarily over-the-top ingredients that only serve to add some unpalatable sour notes, alas. A worthy effort though.
  7. GeeDee

    Tenet is an extremely underwhelming proto-James Bond sci-fi movie, which is nowhere near as intelligent as it pretends to be, relying as it does on theory of time gobbledegook to hide the fact that it’s merely another shoot ‘em up; and a wholly unexciting one at that. The reversed audio-visuals are vaguely entertaining, but this can’t sustain a film that is essentially running on empty. When not in reverse the film struggles without success to crunch into forward gear, despite the non-stop set-piece action and quick-edits, the director putting his foot on the accelerator, but getting nowhere, stuck in time. A perfectly ordinary spectacular.
  8. GeeDee

    A live-action remake of the commercially successful 1998 animation that hides Disney’s reactionary politics in plain sight, while promoting an ostensibly radical storyline that is nothing of the sort. The ‘feminist’ Mulan fulfils her destiny only by ‘becoming a man’ and a warrior, while her independence is not on her own terms but is always secondary to her duty to family and country, the two institutions whose mores define and confine her existence, and readily accuse her of being shameful and dishonourable. By the movie’s end, following her heroic exploits, she becomes merely the exception that proves the rule. Beyond the spurious politics it is a ‘by numbers’ executive production, full of epic computer-generated landscapes and a soundtrack that aims to jerk the tearducts, neither of which rise above the ordinary. Worse is the ‘dragon spirit’, whose cod spirituality is represented by a cheap-looking kite (although at least the film doesn’t reprise Eddie Murphy’s extremely irritating character from the original). Mulan is a calculated affair, designed to take advantage of China’s vast market, make some $$$, and rewrite Chinese history with a veneer of American values all at the same time. The Mongol enemy, meanwhile, is given the sinister look of an Islamic jihadist, thereby killing two birds with one stone!
  9. GeeDee

    A critically well-received slice of contemporary social realism that is reasonably well acted but whose characters are difficult to care about and whose emotionalism remains oddly unaffecting, despite the script’s best intentions. Funded by the BBC and BFI the resulting production never rises above being a mundane box ticking exercise.
  10. GeeDee

    I missed this post. Damn.
  11. GeeDee

    This is a Hollywood movie – with a capital M – about finance with a capital F. Boasting some Hollywood big hitters (Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore) it is well produced and audio-visually impressive, as expected, albeit not dissimilar to a slick, glossy magazine: at one point the film morphs into an extended car advert for an Aston Martin DB9 Volante sports car. It is an amalgamation of smart suits, expensively minimal interiors, towers of power. Vistas of the cityscape imply scale, (ad)vantage, dominance, while banal reflections, literal and otherwise, bounce off hard sharp glossy surfaces, occasionally shimmering like ghosts. Yet, attempts to garner sympathy for the characters are heavy-handed, including a drawn-out metaphor (?) involving one investment banker’s dying / dead dog, and as a dissection of what a financial crash looks like, it remains superficial and all-too-easily watchable.
  12. GeeDee

    A super-realist examination of loneliness that focuses on the discarded: an unattractive, alcholic mother and a cast of unwanted animals; the former allowing herself to be overrun by the latter in a desperate reaching out for and clutching at companionship. The movie’s precise photography, colourless palette and drawn-out non-action create a perfect backdrop for the character’s slow unfolding, as her forlorn selfishness disintegrates into inactivity and an inability to cope and care, which may be an explanation as to why her daughter, who remains unseen throughout the film, refuses to get in touch. Filmed on a budget using amateur actors this – director Heather Young’s debut full-length – is as non-Hollywood as it gets. Highly recommended.
  13. GeeDee

    Thanks Cyber Girl.
  14. GeeDee

    Hello, is it possible to get a Mixdrop link for this one? Thanks.
  15. GeeDee

    Another enjoyable romp through Woody Allen’s neurotic New York, which is neatly illustrated by bouts of shaky, out-of-focus camerawork and chopped up editing, and full of neat observations, one-liners and ironic humour. There are some excellent performances of mixed up individuals and couples moving in and out of each other’s lives, coupling up and falling out, while the idea of Life imitating Art (and vice versa) is woven into the movie, as Allen’s marriage to Mia Farrow unravels both on-screen and off. Fascinating and entertaining in equal measure.
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