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  1. Thundar73

    I saw this movie once, very well made, but disturbing as hell.
  2. Thundar73

    Can you put new links here? Thanks.
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    Thank you Cyber!
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    Thank you so much!
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    Do you have any new links to this? Thanks.
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    Do you have updated links for this movie? Thank you.
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    Thank you!!!
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    ty No notification but checked anyway
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    Do you have newer links to this movie? These have expired, ty.
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    & ty for this...on a roll today.
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    ty for this too
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    ty for this!
  13. Thundar73

    Oh yes by a long shot. Amityville is probably the worst series out there, as far as franchise horror movies go. But, they are at least worth one viewing, maybe more, 1-3 are, the remake with Ryan Reynolds not so much. lol
  14. Thundar73

    Another Amityville movie? lol I never knew about this 1. This must be the longest running movie series yet. lol ty!