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  1. faxerby

    Wow, Barry your on a roll! The first Croods where a real pleasure to watch. The colourful scenes were breath taking and very funny. If this New Age is similar than this is going be a wonder to watch. Thank you so much for this film ..Cheers and take care Bud!
  2. faxerby

    Barry you are THE MAN of the hour! Thank you for this lovable first Dispicable.It's the funniest of all Dispicable Me's and whats even more amazing is that I've never seen this in 3D. Thank you very much for this pleasure...Cheers and take care Bud!
  3. faxerby

    Thank you Mr. Barry! This site is looking more beautiful than ever. Thank you for this 3gig file, the colours and the monsters are going to look much clearer. This is a good family movie and I like it...Cheers Bud!
  4. faxerby

    Wow Cyber Girl! What a movie, this is going be a delicious viewing and mostly with the clarity of 1080p. Thank you Cheers and take care!
  5. faxerby

    Barry my friend you did it again! Thank you so much for this most wonderful movie in 3D. The colours, creatures and critters are a marvel to see. This is another 3D favourite of mine. Thank you...Cheers and take care!
  6. faxerby

    Barry thank you for these 2 latest 3Ds. I haven't seen either before, so will be looking forward to viewing them...stay safe and be careful!
  7. faxerby

    Barry my friend your giving me goose bumps, boy are you on a roll ! Thank you for this Transformers Dark of the Moon is one of the Trio Block Busters in 3D. The others are: Age of Extinction and The Last Knight. These films are in par with the Matrix series. I just love all the action, sound and beautiful scenery. Thank you so much ..Cheers and take care Bud!
  8. faxerby

    wow ! Thanks Barry for another Jurassic 3D classic. This film scared my pants off on 2D, now in 3D I'm in heaven. what a wonderful pleasure..Thank you again Barry for this great film...Cheers Bud!
  9. faxerby

    Barry you Hound Dog! You've pulled a fast one on me.I thought I had this film already and l didn't, glad to have double checked on your recent 3D uploads.Thank you for this wonderful Avengers addition , my eyes are tearing up. Man you've made my day and will be downing a cold crispy beer in gratefulness to you. Thank you once again very much for this amazing unique site......Cheers and take care!
  10. faxerby

    Hello Barry? Man you have surprised me Big Time! I thought this 3D Library was exhausted and done for, boy I'm glad I was wrong.Thank you for this second Ralph 3D. I have not seen it yet and am looking forward to it. Thank you once again and take care Bud!
  11. faxerby

    Hello Cyber Girl Thank you for this wonderful film. I don't know why but John Torturro makes me laugh in a lot of his Movies...Cheers and take care!
  12. faxerby

    Yes Barry you got me real scared now! Chucks vengeance and pay back will never get full filled. I am not too worried, tucked under the blanket with only my eyes poking out and a little shivering to add with some nightmares. Thank you for the Trio collection...cheers and sweet dreams!
  13. faxerby

    Hello Barry hope all is well! Thank you for this wonderful classic movie. There is an amazing feeling when viewing, it touches your heart. The actors are excellent , the screen is crisp, the colours are wonderful and the story ever so moving. Thank you for this great film... Cheers and take care.!
  14. faxerby

    Without a doubt this was a wonderful movie to watch. Thank you Barry for this great film. What amazes me more is that this is the first time I have seen it. I am a fan of Jean Reno and have seen many of his films and this film was a pleasure. Thank you once again Barry and Cheers to you!
  15. faxerby

    Hello Barry and Cyber Girl! Thank you for the new links " Lord of the Rings ". Although I have viewed these films in the past, there is nothing like downloading and viewing a fresh high quality batch. These films are one of the best of all time, like The Matrix, these films keep you on your toes ,waiting in anticipation for the next scene. I love them and thank you so much for all your hard word. Take care of your selves..Cheers!