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  1. skidster

    Awesome! Thanks Barry!
  2. skidster

    Hi guys, any chance of a new link for this classic? Many thanks.
  3. skidster

    AWESOME!!! Thank you very much Cyber Girl.
  4. skidster

    Also would like to request a new link to this one if at all possible, please. Have never seen it and sounds like my kind of thing. Thanks.
  5. skidster

    Was that meant for me? Ha ha! No problem, I never even thought of YouTube for some reason. Found it now. Thanks Cyber Girl.
  6. skidster

    Hi guys & gals again. Might be a long shot but any chance of a new link to this film. Many thanks.
  7. skidster

    Thank you, for this and all that you guys do. Keep safe!
  8. skidster

    Hi guys and gals, any chance of a new link for this film please. Many thanks.
  9. skidster

    The updated links posted today do have subtitles for the Spanish parts, I have just checked. Many thanks guys.
  10. skidster

    Hi, any chance of a new link for this film please? Many thanks & Happy New Year too.
  11. skidster

    Awesome! Many thanks Cyber Girl. Really looking forward to seeing this.
  12. skidster

    Hi guys, is there any better versions of this floating around that you could post please?
  13. skidster

    Awesome, many thanks Cyber Girl. Strangely this thread didn't show up for me when I searched earlier. Weird!
  14. skidster

    Cool! Many thanks Cyber Girl.