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  1. sigmacademy

    Thank you very much, CG!
  2. sigmacademy

    For anyone interested in this, this is a sequel to the first film - Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018) - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7625712/?ref_=tt_sims_tt.
  3. sigmacademy

    Thank you for this, CG! I was unaware of this, since it's not my usual genre entry, but the trailer looks intriguing. Gonna give this one a watch!
  4. sigmacademy

    Thanks CG! This one was on my watch list of movies to check out this year!
  5. sigmacademy

    Thank you very much for this, CG!
  6. sigmacademy

    Thank you! This was on my watch list due to its interesting trailer!
  7. sigmacademy

    Thank you, CG! For the community, kindly note this is a female revenge movie, where the military trained sister is the one that goes on a rampage!
  8. sigmacademy

    I am not worthy, CG!, I tell ya! Zombies, more zombies and even more zombies! XD Thank you very much for this entry!
  9. sigmacademy

    All links on this entry are dead?
  10. sigmacademy

    Thank you, CG! I need some Nic Cage madness in my life right now! The trailer for this one was particularly awesome! XD
  11. sigmacademy

    Thank you!
  12. sigmacademy

    Thank you for uploading this entry! Another one on my watchlist I can cross out. Are you reading my mind, Cyber Girl? You have almost halved my list of requests for 2021 already?
  13. sigmacademy

    Thank you for putting this entry on here. I heard another person was VERY impressed with this movie after watching a screener for it.
  14. sigmacademy

    Thank you for this entry. It was on my watch list of movies to check out.
  15. sigmacademy

    The plot of this film sounds like someone finally expanded the story of Bride of Frankenstein somewhat?