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  1. sigmacademy

    You can't see it, CG, but I'm doing my Godzilla Victory Dance at the moment, simply because you uploaded this? XD
  2. sigmacademy

    Is there any chance we can perhaps get the first one, Bloody Nun (2018) - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8245498/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_2 as well?
  3. sigmacademy

    @DarthChopWasn't this the movie that YT said ended up killing its director?
  4. sigmacademy

    @Toadborg Nah, Gal's forehead is just fine as is? Her foot sweep... divine! XD This was one of my "had to watch" entries on my 2020 watch list. Early reviews said the movie kinda disappoints, which is a shame, since I was hoping it would be even BETTER than the first one. All mainstream movies I was looking forward to this year has turned out to be just average movies. And then they moved the new Mortal Kombat's release date from mid Jan 2021 to almost middle 2021, and the new Dune back even further. Still, hoping Foundation (the old school sci-fi epic) will be at least watchable, and I've been hearing rumors that Firefly might be revived and a new Stargate series might be on the horizon somewhere in the future. Man, this truly is the year of suck.
  5. @dartfever. Yup. This is one of those movies where you need some pretty strong alcohol to help you make sense of it all, but it was a product of its time and something that you weren't supposed to take too seriously. Too bad they only made the single movie - it would have been interesting to see where they took the property.
  6. sigmacademy

    A person losing all sense of self and reality? Sounds interesting. Gonna give this a watch!
  7. sigmacademy

    @GeeDee Ouch. That's one of the nicer reviews I've read about this film. Another reviewer online has also pointed out this film (like other movies made by the same director) suffers from audio issues (as in the original film in cinemas itself). Apparently there's sections where putting on the subtitles helps a lot because some of the dialogue gets lost in other elements, like action scenes or background music dominating any words spoken.
  8. sigmacademy

    Yes! Flying Sharks! XD
  9. sigmacademy

    I saw this one already. It's quite the heartwarming story about a normal guy that just wants to live his life in the ultra image obsessed Hollywood, until through a bunch of highly publicized blunders, he re-discovers his priorities (like family) and makes life decisions that are right for him.
  10. sigmacademy

    Barry/Cyber Girl... you're just SPOILING us ROTTEN now! XD
  11. sigmacademy

    @summersethomesIf werewolf movies are your thing, I can recommend Howl (2015) and Dog Soldiers (2002). Howl is about a stranded train with a little werewolf problem in the middle of the night and Dog Soldiers is about a British patrol that stumbles across a werewolf problem after one of their own gets mauled by something unknown to them.
  12. sigmacademy

    I'm so "borrowing" that animated gif. Also, a Playstation LEGO animated gif as well. A man of culture, I see?
  13. sigmacademy

    Barry, you MAGNIFICENT individual! You and Cyber Girl really are a winning combination! XD
  14. sigmacademy

    All links on this entry are dead.
  15. sigmacademy

    @dartfeverThat kind of "experience" is because the production company behind the film usually substitutes the shortcomings in acting and low-budget production values with VERY generous amounts of gore and violence. Which makes for a rather unique viewing experience (think of their movies as a mix between Saw/Hostel for some movies, and found footage horror for others), although there is no "deep acting" to be found in their films - their whole approach is to give you a hyper-violent or hyper-real contemporary nightmare setting. The company is also ramping up their production with almost DOUBLE their output in the next 12 months or so, with even sequels of their current works in production. From what I could gather on their website, they even have a "conceptual map" where they are looking to link up all their movies in one way or another with each other.
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