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  1. I'm still around. I'm well and intend to stay that way.  I hope you are all well and safe.

  2. Baked Spud

    Just a bit of trivia here for anyone wondering why an old bloke watches modern 3D films: I watched them at the cinema as a young man and was blown away by the effect. One of my favourites was It Came From Outer Space. In the cinema 3D version the alien had arms that came out of the screen at you. In the 2D version, which is all that is available now commercially, the arms are gone (and other bits, I think, like hair or it might have been thin tentacles) and now the alien looks like a pillar of jelly with a big eyeball in the centre. This was looooong before CGI and all the audience left the cinema slack jawed in amazment at the 3D effects. When 3D came back into vogue, (more than once) I was the first in the queue at our local cinema.
  3. Baked Spud

    I just finsihed downloading the 3 gig file. Looks great. Thank you Barry. And thank you for your patience in dealing with old farts like me.
  4. Baked Spud

    UPDATE: I tried one of the links again. The second one. On my previous attempt I couldn't find a download link and kept being redirected to anothe movie site. HOWEVER, the link now works. You are a magician Barry. Now you don't see it, now you do. Sorry if I have caused any bother. I'm not a techie and so I fumble my way through such matters like someone looking a for a black cat in a dark room while the cat is licking its paws out on the porch.
  5. Baked Spud

    Hi Barry, The Racaty site says the 3 gig file has been removed. I have downloaded one of the other two which are less than half that file size. It's probably the tech here (so my fault) but the 3D quality is low and image is a bit blocky on the darker scenes (pixelated? I don't know the terminology because I'm more than bit ignorant of such things.). I was hoping a bigger file would provide a better quality. It might be that the original movie itself is not as 3D as Kong Skull Island. The 3D quality of that was brilliant. I might be expecting too much from the movie so just ignore me.
  6. Baked Spud

    Hi, The 3 gig file has been removed. Missed my chance!
  7. Baked Spud

    Thank you Barry. I humbly grovel before thee for thine wonder-working. ?
  8. Baked Spud

    Thank you for this film!
  9. Baked Spud

    Looks like a good film. Thanks Barry.
  10. Baked Spud

    My wife loves this film.
  11. Baked Spud

    A corker of a film. Thanks for the link!
  12. Baked Spud

    Thank you Barry! We enjoyed this very much!
  13. Baked Spud

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Amazing 3D copy.
  14. Baked Spud

    Thanks for this! Wife loved it!
  15. Baked Spud

    Barry, You're a Christmas Star!