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  1. dvdbot

    Cool! Thanks, Cyber Girl! I've been curious to see this for nearly ten years. The NetFlix series is pretty good, but missing some of the magic. I don't know (yet) if the 2011 pilot is better, but I definitely am stoked to watch it finally.
  2. dvdbot

    Yep. I discovered when I downloaded it. Yay! Thanks again, guys!
  3. dvdbot

    Wow. Thanks for the fast update! This looks rather good, based on the trailer. I hope it's in English despite it being a French film. With foreign films, I prefer subtitles except for animation. Regardless, THANKS!
  4. dvdbot

    Thanks very much. I'd never heard of this and it looks very good based on the trailer.
  5. dvdbot

    Can this be reposted to a valid file host? Thanks!