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  1. Chesterdog

    Thank you CyberGirl ! I get to binge back to back now.
  2. Chesterdog

    Thank you Barry. I'll have a late night view now.
  3. Chesterdog

    Nice one if you like the implausible and kind of feel good flick with lessor known actors in abundance.
  4. Chesterdog

    Thank you. There do seem to be a number of these "accidental spy" type comedies. I don't know why I like them.
  5. Chesterdog

    Been looking forward to this remake. As they say a dog act is hard to follow - but maybe not when it's another dog act.
  6. Chesterdog

    Ouch ! Had to try a few times to DL - Finally got it at dial-up speed that took most of the day to complete. Onlystream seems to lag really bad for me.
  7. Chesterdog

    Thank you Cyber Girl ! Great Copy of the film.
  8. Chesterdog

    Thank you Cyber Girl. I will have to see if this one lives up to expectations of being as low budget as I heard. One of those that is "so bad it's good".
  9. Chesterdog

    Cyber Girl - You are amazing !!! Now I have 3 more to binge. That's more than I deserve. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
  10. Chesterdog

    Wow - And yet another Thank you for this one too !
  11. Chesterdog

    Wonderfull ! I was going to request this one after I watched the original. Thank you ever so kindly !
  12. Chesterdog

    Thank you Cyber Girl ! I was hoping you could dig one of these out of the void.
  13. Chesterdog

    Thank you - Now I can watch the Sequel.
  14. Chesterdog

    Echo to all of the above comments. Great classic SciFi !!!
  15. Chesterdog

    Thank you Barry ! Good flick with many familiar Sci Fi faces including Lexa Doig of the Andromeda series and Stargate series fame (among others as well)