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  1. thejackel

    thanks to all for this and stay safe in these troubled days ahead.
  2. thejackel

    thanks been waiting for this
  3. thejackel

    another ace film thanks.
  4. thejackel

    this is a good film thanks for the links.
  5. thejackel

    This looks promising, thanks C/G
  6. thejackel

    Brilliant film, we need more with Art the Clown he's awesome.
  7. thejackel

    great film and for those old enough to remember the splits will love it.
  8. thejackel

    another golden oldie, Cheers mate
  9. thejackel

    Another from the 70s horror genre thanks.
  10. thejackel

    Thanks Barry I haven't seen this film for about 40 years.
  11. thejackel

    I don't know how you did it but thanks this is the one movie I've really been waiting for, thanks
  12. thejackel

    many thanks to you C/G
  13. thejackel

    Thanks C/G I will miss Sid as will a lot of Horror fans.
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