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  1. alien90210

    this is a fun watch its just like the thing but lower budget. nice creature flick!!
  2. alien90210

    pretty good creature feature
  3. alien90210

    is there any mixdrop links please?
  4. alien90210

    good movie RIP chadwick boseman
  5. alien90210

    i didnt like this movie the first time i watched it...but after the third watch im like " wow this is great, why didnt i like this" thanks for the upload
  6. alien90210

    oh thank you for uploading. i just watched the trailer and this looks really good
  7. alien90210

    such a great campy b movie creature feature
  8. alien90210

    how did i miss this flick??? can we get a new link please!?
  9. alien90210

    mothra my spirit animal!!!!
  10. alien90210

    thank you! i recommend this watch. especially if you love Egypt mythology!!!
  11. alien90210

    thank you!!! based on the jonestown massacre, its such a great movie!!
  12. alien90210

    such a great classic from the 90's so overlooked
  13. alien90210

    alltime fav dragon movie!!!