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David Finch


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  1. David Finch

    It's a weird trilogy; hated the first one, quite enjoyed the second (Frank Grillo, baby) and much preferred this third.
  2. David Finch

    One of the highlights of my childhood right there. Already dancing to the music and I haven't even finished downloading it yet.
  3. David Finch

    Today, I was years old when I discovered this film even existed. Why I love this site.
  4. David Finch

    Sounds interesting; big fan of Adam Brody's deadpan dryness.
  5. David Finch

    Thanks again for the reup
  6. David Finch

    Damn, haven't seen this in years. Thanks.
  7. David Finch

    I seem to remember this being a fairly classy sci-fi, for the period. So thanks for the Connery marathon.
  8. David Finch

    Thanks for this. I've been meaning to watch it for a while and I just kept missing it here and there.
  9. David Finch

    Fine, I'll start my Christmas movies early this year, if only to see Wanheda not kill a bunch of people.
  10. David Finch

    Pretty entertaining. Dylan O'Brien is good enough to keep it rattling along, and Michael Rooker is, of course, gold.
  11. David Finch

    Sounds intriguing. Ta muchly.
  12. David Finch

    Rutger Hauer sci-fi I haven't seen? Sold.
  13. David Finch

    Awesome. Not only a great early Ryan Reynolds movie, it's also a pretty fun caper movie.
  14. David Finch

    Great film, thanks for this.
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