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  1. Grofaz1940

  2. Grofaz1940

    Can we get a re up of this one? THANKS!!!!
  3. Grofaz1940

    OMG I LOVE this! TOTAL kitsch terrible bad awful and oh-so-enjoyable! My all-time favorite bad movie! THANK YOU!!!!!
  4. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. Grofaz1940

    Brilliant, but not enjoyable. Sadly, too many world governments now see this as a "how to" instead of a warning.
  6. Grofaz1940

    Kinda creepy to think this was filmed at the height of Argentina's Juan and Eva Peron's friendship with Adolph and Mussolini.
  7. Grofaz1940

    WOO HOO! Sharpe is always entertaining!
  8. Grofaz1940

    One of the greatest films of all time! Beautiful copy! THANK YOU!
  9. Grofaz1940

    One of my all time favorite horror flicks! THANK YOU!
  10. Grofaz1940

    Not a terrible adaption. I think this was part of a series of indie films based on H P Lovecraft stories.
  11. Grofaz1940

    Peter Greenaway! What a maniac! Love his films though!
  12. Grofaz1940

    Oh this is a CLASSIC! When I was a wee bairn, before the age of consumption, it was a fam New Year's Eve tradition to watch this. STILL one of the classic comedies of all time
  13. Grofaz1940

    Well, it is a strange little film that tries too hard to do too much. What is good is the battle scenes, although of small cast, are excellent in showing how things really looked in the day. The cinematography has moment of unexpected excellence as well. BUT... The script is a muddle and really goes nowhere, nothing about the characters is explained and there are far too many needless subplots and side tracks which are distracting filler. The acting is...what is to be expected from a small indie project. In a lot of cases the actors do the best they can with dreadfully contrived dialogue, but there is only so much one can do. Overall it is worth a watch to see a small project tackle something like this, and it is a cautionary tale about what NOT to do if you feel inclined to try it yourself.
  14. Grofaz1940

    OK this sounds just quirky enough for me to watch, since I know a LOT about the subject. I shall report whether it is passable or pass up able.
  15. Grofaz1940

    EXCELLENT!!! THank you!!!!