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  1. Toadborg

    cheers CG, guy's n gal's really enjoyed that, a bit of a play by numbers one with how it plays out but still looks great and keeps you intrigued to see whats next. TOADBORG RECOMEND
  2. Toadborg

    cheer's guy's , i loved this one . . totally not what i expected TOADBORG RECOMENDZ. . . .
  3. Toadborg

    loved this as a yung un, cheers guy's n gal's . nowt like a good anthology film TOADBORG RECOMENDZ
  4. Toadborg

    LOVE this one cheers folk's TOADBORG RECOMENDZ
  5. Toadborg

    cheers guy's n gal's been really looking forward to this one, a nice bit of nick cage madness to take the edge of the BAT-FLU news. TOADBORG RECOMENDZ
  6. Toadborg

    cheers guy's n gal's, love this film always nice to seethe gore in a bit of better quality LOL . TOADBORG RECOMENDZ
  7. Toadborg

    Cheers guy's n gal's ,Top film, proper tense in places. TOADBORG RECOMENDZ
  8. Toadborg

    Cheers for that one guys, a nice story of witch trials. . . but i think they start to lose the strong feminim tone a bit when it seems to be an advert for the main actress arse? not that im complaining but you'll know what i mean if you watch it. anywhoo still very watchable. . . . TOADBORG RECOMENDZ and let mi know if ya noticed the same LOL .
  9. Toadborg

    It's a really top film, glad you enjoyed it CG, it goes pretty underlooked by folks but i rekon one day it'll be a classicor cult film,loved it since it came out and it's still one of my top ten films. TOADBORG RECOMENDS
  10. Toadborg

    Cheers guy's , loved this one, a nice homage to the b movies a bit like a grown up saturday morning show. If ya can check the trailer first and test the water for the humour? but trust it is funny and knows exactly what it is. . so if ya go in with that in mind you'll probably like this. Also the practical fx are great, if ya go on yaTube there's a behind the scenes thing and interviews . . i think it's movieidol or sumthin like that, anywho enjoy x TOADBORG RECOMENDS
  11. Toadborg

    Don't get mi wrong this is orreet . . but i do love the oud one's wi olly reed n micky york, they good. fun check if ya can, and cheers CG and BARRY , love you guy's
  12. Toadborg

    Really tense film i watched this a good while bk and it still holds up. D Radcliffe. . . . once again like a lot of the youngens should do, start in little indie numbers. Just coz ya flashed ya gash on game of thrones does'nt automatically make ya a great actress or actor for lead roles. . (that example can be flipped etc) lol. but craft ya skill? look at the rave reviews R Pattz got for the lighthouse. anywho this is a nice little time killer that doesnt drag. TOADBORG RECOMENDS
  13. Toadborg

    another bit o cheeses from mi kidulthood, chhers guy's n gals
  14. Toadborg

    Loved this when i was a youngen, nice blast from the past and also paul walkers first film. cheers guy's
  15. Toadborg

    Cheers for that guy's, it's a bit fancifull but i like that about little indie films like this, they took a creative narative, on something besides u.f.o's during the war. there was many accounts of creatures damaging planes during the war hence gremlins , but most folk would expect somethin like zemeckis if they had called it gremlins on a plane or gremlins whatever, a shame it give a lot away in the trailer, but other than that a nice little film, and chloe moretz is a lot better in the indie type movies, when she's older i can see her doing some good films if she hones her craft first? look at R PATTZ it's taken him a good while to shake twishite shadow. my only gripe would be the almost virtuous signaling about women being strong an stuff. I reckon it would of come across without the blaitancy, but other than that a nice way to kill a hour or so. TOADBORG RECCOMENDS