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1969 (1988)

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            Ernest Thompson
            Ernest Thompson
            Robert Downey Jr.
            Kiefer Sutherland
            Bruce Dern
    Two college students, Ralph and Scott, live in a small minded Maryland town at the onset of wide public dissatisfaction with 
    the Vietnam War. While Scott's brother Alden enlists in the country's armed forces, he and Ralph are outspoken in their 
    opposition to the war. Scott's attitude alienates him from his father and he and Ralph leave town to enjoy their freedom. 
    But when Ralph is expelled from college, he suddenly becomes a prime candidate for serving the country's armed forces. When 
    they learn Scott's brother is declared missing in action, the lifelong friends take drastic - and illegal - measures to 
    ensure Ralph's freedom. This event proves to be the catalyst needed to bridge the gap between father and son and enlightens 
    them both to the true cost of war.








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