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A Spanking in Paradise (2010)


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            Wayne Thallon
            Wayne Thallon
            Andrew Hawley
            Simon Weir
            Leo Horsfield
    This film was a total surprise for me. I didn't see how you could make a comedy set in a whorehouse funny due to the subject 
    matter, but it worked and what I liked about this film, was that it felt quite raw and realistic. I think I was expecting it 
    to be like a Meet the Parents gag after gag film but instead it felt like a snapshot of something that could have happened. 
    Rather than be a 'film', it almost felt like a rough and ready documentary of someone's reality. One minute quite serious and
    heavy, the next ridiculously comical the way I suppose real life is. For instance, the uncle telling vivid stories of his 
    exploits, and his nephew Justin just innocently trying to get by, but kind of putting his foot in it the whole time because
    of his naivety. What I also liked was it didn't pretend being a hooker was any sort of picnic. I didn't realize in Scotland, 
    I suppose like Las Vegas, the whorehouses are legal to keep the women safe. Anyway, definitely 8 out of ten and worth a watch.





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