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The Castle of the Living Dead (1964)

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A traveling circus visits the Gothic abode of the evil Count Drago (Christopher Lee), whose pastimes include experimenting on various animals with his potions and formulas. Naturally, he's no longer content to stop there, and the visitors become unwilling participants in the next horrific progression of the Count's macabre hobby. In a surprising twist, it is one of the troupe's dwarf performers who saves the day. This Italian production is believed to have been augmented with scenes shot by Michael Reeves (Witchfinder General), which may account for occasional atmospheric touches in an otherwise pedestrian mad-scientist effort. Look for young first-timer Donald Sutherland in bizarre dual roles -- as a bumbling soldier and a withered old witch.







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thanks for adding more but the 1fincher worked fine for me i just checked it myself it was a live link

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