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Found 1,659 results

  1. Barry

    Plot: In 1955, a insane patient left his room, walking to the children’s ward. There he killed three children while they were asleep. Now, a group of paranormal investigators will go into the asylum where the killer’s ghost supposedly still lies. Genre: Horror, Thriller Sanatorium 2013 720p WEB-DL AAC 2.0 https://mixdrop.co/f/j99g9wxjc79zwpr
  2. A group of friends unleash a demonic Pirate from a treasure chest. Jolly.Roger.Massacre.At.Cutters.Cove.2005.AEF.DVDRip.XviD-FiNaLe https://mixdrop.co/f/l66rz6mquqrn1zl
  3. Cyber Girl

    Following in the footsteps of her late fiancée, who drowned under mysterious circumstances, Rebecca (played by Katie Savoy) and her film crew are in China making a documentary about the ... Palace of the Damned 2017.dhc WEBDL 480p h264.aac https://mixdrop.co/f/6qqg7xgps6z63k https://mixdrop.co/f/knnrg3q4b39opdn
  4. Heidi a blond rock chick DJs at a local radio station and together with the two Hermans (Whitey and Munster) forms part of the "Big H Radio Team." A mysterious wooden box containing a vinyl record arrives for Heidi a gift of the Lords. She assumes its a rock band on a mission to spread their word. As Heidi and Whitey play the Lords record it starts to play backwards and Heidi experiences a flashback to a past trauma. Later Whitey plays the Lords record dubbing them the Lords of Salem and to his surprise the record plays normally and is a massive hit with his listeners. The arrival of another wooden box from the Lords presents the Big H team with free tickets posters and records to host a gig in Salem. Soon Heidi and her cohorts are far from the rock spectacle theyre expecting. The original Lords of Salem are returning and theyre out for blood. The Lords of Salem 2012 720p BluRay x264 YIFY https://mixdrop.co/f/pk4dxxkzsgx018
  5. Barry

    A researcher at Chicago's Natural History Museum sends two crates from South America containing his findings, and when the crates arrive at the museum there appears to be very little inside. However, police discover gruesome murders on the cargo ship that supposedly brought the crates to the U.S. A murder soon takes place in the museum, and while investigating the murder, Lt. Vincent D'Agosta enlists the help of Dr. Margo Green, a researcher, at the museum. She has taken an interest in the contents of her colleague's crates. Unknown to both there is a large creature roaming the museum which is gearing itself up for a benefit reception which the city's mayor is to attend. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller The.Relic.1997.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG https://mixdrop.co/f/g6ei1 https://dood.to/d/kk9m0ajxnkz5 http://snowfiles.com/fk3f7kkt1o7p
  6. Barry

    Plot : A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically. Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Altered States 1980 1080p Bluray x265 – RARBG https://clicknupload.co/2u1i44kw2rz2 https://dropapk.to/5womswk3bj4r https://mixdrop.co/f/4nn8w0mmsj6987 https://mystream.to/watch/3m7c2h9ohq69 https://streamz.cc/fNHJwNTFmYTc5ZDlwbllL
  7. Plot : A social media influencer brings her friends to an Airbnb lake house to party. When an appetite stimulant is mistakenly dumped into the lake and the guests go for a dip, they emerge ravenous and insatiable. Genre : Horror Parched 2: Hangry 2019 1080p WEBRip x264 – RARBG https://clicknupload.co/q0947b4y1r5w https://dropapk.to/g6fdfpogf6j2 https://mixdrop.co/f/3nn847n4ulj0xl https://mystream.to/watch/ap4ndv9vn3ug https://streamz.cc/fOXQ4ZnZzdzJxMnVrR0sx
  8. The Crawlspace Killer terrorizes a small Indiana town. The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018).WEBDL 480p h264.aac https://mixdrop.co/f/9nn8e1knhrmk9m https://mixdrop.co/f/o7730komill7q30
  9. Barry

    A young biologist, Mary Jane, who focuses on lepidoptery (the study of moths and butterflies), doesn't have the perfect life; she does however have what she considers the perfect son. Tragedy strikes and Mary Jane's world is disturbingly turned upside down. Fleeing the troubled "real world" she embarks upon a solitary bush project. In the isolated and surreal landscape Mary Jane starts experiencing strange phenomena. The opportunity to be a mother again presents itself, only it comes at a cost for Mary Jane and what's left of her family. Genre : Horror, Thriller Beast No More 2019 1080p WEBRip x264 – RARBG https://clicknupload.co/4wp4xa1o2mmr https://dropapk.to/6pljitdzeaj9 https://mixdrop.co/f/7rr8we6ock3mjv https://mystream.to/watch/hh0lago59kp9 https://streamz.cc/fdHl4bXgyYnF6ejB4eHBL
  10. Barry

    Plot : A fragile young woman, who has tried to escape the dark past of her family, is forced to return to her family’s estate. She must relive her previous traumas and confront the true source of her family’s guilt. Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller Skin Walker 2019 1080p WEBRip x264 – RARBG https://clicknupload.co/r3gwog2ffkyf https://dropapk.to/y49mxcql9qop https://mixdrop.co/f/zpprgx3ehdnqwo https://mystream.to/watch/uf6lmudnxiyf https://streamz.cc/fanJvbXcxdnRpejA2N0pN
  11. Cyber Girl

    A teen's life is turned upside down when he helps a world-famous pop star on the run to escape her violent pursuers. Star.Light.2020.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO https://mixdrop.co/f/1vvqernqi33kd7 https://mixdrop.co/f/dqq08pl4i7mgko0 https://dood.watch/d/fc2ouglaah3y https://streamtape.com/v/a4kxVVyOz1Ux1yQ https://dropapk.to/mbcme145iwyj
  12. Cyber Girl

    The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon. The Ghost Galleon aka Horror of the Zombies 1974.hc WEBDL 360p h264.aac https://mixdrop.co/f/1vv8eedltkw1kx8
  13. Barry

    It's Christmas in Australia as Diane, played by the Dee Wallace, brings together her estranged family for a chaotic holiday gathering. A 20 year old decision literally comes back to haunt her when the ghost of Christmas past comes knocking at her door and is invited inside the family estate. Festivities quickly turn blood red, when the stranger is revealed to be Cletus, Diane's aborted fetus, all grown up, very much alive and ready to terrorize his long lost mother. Diane must face her past and explain the hideous truth that is trying to kill them all, especially to Jerry, her Down Syndrome son, before it's too late. Genres: Horror | Thriller Red.Christmas.2016 720p.BluRay.x264 https://mirrorace.com/m/Yttj https://uploadev.org/ujhdnlgcja12 http://snowfiles.com/1nwpuxhvif9z https://filemia.co/472b580740818717/Red.Christmas.2016_720p.BluRay.x264.mp4 https://www.okstream.cc/bd4325deb05a/Red_Christmas_2016-720p_BluRay_x264.mp4 https://uploadmoon.com/260631037a8d9842/Red.Christmas.2016_720p.BluRay.x264.mp4
  14. Cyber Girl

    Somewhere in the North Atlantic, late 1945. A lift raft adrift at sea, and in it, the survivors of a torpedoed hospital ship: With no food, water, or shelter, all seems lost - until an ... Blood Vessel 2019 WEBRip x264-ION10 https://dood.watch/d/aisxwdcvhpua https://streamtape.com/v/8dPxdLZwOPsXrW https://dropapk.to/07xrre1yxyda https://dropapk.to/6r802igukj5b/B.V.2019.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4
  15. Plot : A mad scientist seeks to mingle human blood with that of an ape, and resorts to kidnapping women for his experiments. Genre : Crime, Horror, Mystery Murders In The Rue Morgue (1932) [BluRay] [1080p] https://clicknupload.co/m2iqa9pzujd7 https://dropapk.to/f43vekt7hpcb https://mixdrop.co/f/j99m9d4mhjgoo8 https://mystream.to/watch/w3m3dk1hkbir https://streamz.cc/fZDJ6ejl5cTg2bjhpZzJV
  16. Cyber Girl

    The Breeder kidnaps young women stained by sin, fallen angels such as Sophie and Amy, two young American foreign aid workers, who are hiking through the mysterious Caucasus mountains. The.Breeder.2011.720p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+5.1.H.264-monkee https://mixdrop.co/f/ennw8jpnsq1qpod https://mixdrop.co/f/rww3kdlksjwd4z https://mixdrop.co/f/8448349kfew47n
  17. Cyber Girl

    A group of young people is attacked by three individuals. Cruel games and tortures will be broadcast in live streaming. Framed.2017.SPANISH.720p.WEBRip.ENG.HC.x264-VXT https://mixdrop.co/f/gnnn70z9uwmxg98 https://mixdrop.co/f/zpppvxrnt4mk8p https://dood.watch/d/xwl70nozf5c6 https://mystream.to/watch/i23cu0pvaf6t
  18. Cyber Girl

    Five people spend the night in an abandoned house, the Amityville haunted house, and soon find themselves terrorized by assorted ghosts, venomous insects and ghostly apparitions. The Amityville Curse 1990 DvDRip.mp4 https://dood.watch/d/ixgutqb618op/ https://mystream.to/watch/ih4f73b63iiy https://vidlox.me/9h94iv0s1irr
  19. Barry

    Six friends hire a medium to hold a scene via Zoom during lock down - but they get far more than they bargained for as things quickly go wrong. When an evil spirit starts invading their homes, they begin to realize they might not survive the night. Genres: Horror Host.2020.WEBRip.x264-ION10 https://mirrorace.com/m/Ym10 https://mega4up.com/ci2ad2iyc6q1 http://snowfiles.com/zt7csyc9d54y https://www.filecad.com/eigD/Host.2020.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4 https://filemia.co/edc53380e7566fea/Host.2020.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4 Host 2020 720p WEBRip 800MB x264-GalaxyRG https://clicknupload.co/k3ycogin04ee https://dropapk.to/rksaivv31nyn https://mixdrop.co/f/wnn87l1zs0q6n19
  20. Cyber Girl

    Terror lurks in the old orphanage, beneath a disused London hospital - a Seventeeth Century malevolence, the Plague Doctor, has returned to complete his evil masterpiece... The.Sickhouse.2008.AEF.DVDRip.avi.mp4 https://mixdrop.co/f/zppel17gtkkojq https://mixdrop.co/f/zppe49zohgm3w7g
  21. At the Opera of Paris, a mysterious phantom threatens a famous lyric singer, Carlotta and thus forces her to give up her role (Marguerite in Faust) for unknown Christine Daae. Christine meets this phantom (a masked man) in the catacombs, where he lives. What's his goal ? What's his secret ? Genres: Horror The Phantom of the Opera (1925) WEBRip https://mirrorace.com/m/Yoqp http://snowfiles.com/4k84ekm9qrrr https://dood.to/d/69mao5yg6dao https://uploadmoon.com/e963cd3c5970e73d/The_Phantom_of_the_Opera_(1925)_WEBRip.mp4
  22. Barry

    Host (2020)

    Plot: Six friends hire a medium to hold a séance over Zoom during lockdown but get far more than they bargain for as things quickly go wrong. When an evil spirit starts invading their homes, they begin to realize they might not survive the night. Genres: Horror    
  23. A psychically gifted young woman discovers a centuries-old crate buried on her aunt's ranch. Opening it, her family discovers the living head of Gideon Drew, a 16th century devil worshiper who was beheaded by Sir Francis Drake Genres: Horror The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) DVDRip https://mirrorace.com/m/Ynty http://snowfiles.com/d35hdp0zfymz https://mixdrop.co/f/vnnek4j8tlgeqv https://veryfiles.com/2x95wr316n9g
  24. The members of an expedition in search for the last faithful of Kito, the cannibal god, land on a small island in the Moluccas (East Indies) and are soon hunted by cannibals and zombies, these being created by a sinister Doctor O'Brien who is experimenting with corpses. Suzan, a sexy lady in the expedition team, eventually takes a hold on things, as she is accepted as queen of the cannibals, and direct them against the mad scientist and his army of zombies. Genre: Horror Zombi.Holocaust.1980.720p.BluRay.x264 https://mixdrop.co/f/qllele6wc6qx6x
  25. Barry

    When a private militia's rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it's up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie. Genres: Action | Drama | Horror Zomblies.2010.WEBRip.x264-RBB https://dailyuploads.net/rm2xw33sjvom/Z.2010.WEBRip.x264-RBB.mp4.html https://dropapk.to/2lu0ps9je0hw/Z.2010.WEBRip.x264-RBB.mp4.html https://clicknupload.co/l9txbqug3j6b/Z.2010.WEBRip.x264-RBB.mp4.html
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