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Found 23 results

  1. When Ana Rue transfers to a prestigious new acting school, she encounters a malevolent spirit after participating in a viral challenge. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller The.Gallows.Act.II.2019.WEBRip.x264-ION10 https://mirrorace.com/m/1z016 https://racaty.com/u33olx9cx7ze https://www.dosyaupload.com/rK2X https://onlystream.tv/cs5339dfx12y https://jetload.net/#!/v/mSUWrjMA1MIQ/The.Gallows.Act.II.2019.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/dUG728SqKJ1/The.Gallows.Act.II.2019.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4
  2. Barry

    A group of teenagers unknowingly summon a paranormal presence during their weekend trip to the Joshua Tree desert. This monster mimics their appearances to hide among them and seeks to separate them into groups of five to complete its deadly ritual. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller Head.Count.2018.720p.WEBRip.X264-MEGABOX https://clicknupload.org/nolyaxh0js40 https://mirrorace.com/m/2eBwt https://racaty.com/quxafgq96xdh https://verystream.com/stream/C8KYt8cFS6g/H.C.2018.720p.WEBRip.X264-MEGABOX.mkv
  3. Cyber Girl

    A group of people are killed one by one while participating at a million dollar treasure hunt in a mysterious Italian castle. Spellcaster.1988.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/RbAk3V9mk1W/Spellcaster.1988.WEBRip.x264-ION10.mp4 https://onlystream.tv/jyzzv639dq4q
  4. Cyber Girl

    Andrew, a young, cocky man, misbehaves in a restaurant, something he will regret soon. Snow_Owl_Slaughter_2014_720p_WEBRip.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/YsMD2qMRvSA/Snow_Owl_Slaughter_2014_720p_WEBRip.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/PJdindmdfr/Snow_Owl_Slaughter_2014_720p_WEBRip.mp4
  5. Myles Clarkson (Alan Alda), a classical piano player on the rise, befriends Duncan Mowbray Ely (Curt Jurgens), a famous player himself who is at death's door. Unknown to Clarkson, Ely is a Satanist, who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death, so that he can be young again and continue to play piano. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller The Mephisto Waltz 1971 720p BluRay x264 x0r mkv https://openload.co/f/r1POUX5MtGs/
  6. Cyber Girl

    A man who committed a series of murders thirteen years ago begins to hunt down his victims' children. Lovers_Lane_2000_DVDRip_x264.mkv.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/fr1KFzHw31q/Lovers_Lane_2000_DVDRip_x264.mkv.mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/TKQfrt8KPpA/Lovers.Lane.2000.x264.DVDrip.CG.mkv.mp4
  7. Barry

    Young newlyweds Paul and Bea travel to remote lake country for their honeymoon. Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night. As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller Honeymoon 2014 720p BluRay x264 YIFY https://openload.co/f/PqjcEPDchOA/
  8. Barry

    Jason Crockett is an aging, grumpy, physically disabled millionaire who invites his family to his island estate for his birthday celebration. Pickett Smith is a freelance photographer who is doing a pollution layout for an ecology magazine. Jason Crockett hates nature, poisoning anything that crawls on his property. On the night of his birthday, the frogs and other members of nature begin to pay Crockett back. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller Frogs.1972.720p.BluRay.x264-x0r.mkv https://www.file-up.org/sv7lvfolqsge http://gounlimited.to/vzysvhqhvqa0 https://www.file-up.org/08x9csju9712 https://www.file-up.org/1qy3boqr27zn
  9. Cyber Girl

    A young girl begins seeing the ghost of her sister who died in an accident a year earlier. Dont_Go_To_Sleep_(1982).mp4 https://verystream.com/stream/9yUnh8BgKSF/Dont_Go_To_Sleep_(1982).mp4 https://onlystream.tv/ols15n9g3161
  10. A photographer's obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer who stalks late night commuters, ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways imaginable. The.Midnight.Meat.Train.2008.mp4 https://openload.co/f/xUXd5Oh8olM/The.Midnight.Meat.Train.2008.mp4
  11. When a nobleman is threatened by a family curse on his newly inherited estate, detective Sherlock Holmes is hired to investigate. The Hound of the Baskervilles.1959.HD 1080p.mp4 https://openload.co/f/42DLdTBSjxk https://verystream.com/stream/fxR2yPJ9MF2
  12. Cyber Girl

    AKA Hacked (2013) While studying the habits of web cam chat users from the apparent safety of her own home, a young woman's life begins to spiral out of control after witnessing a grisly murder online. The.Den.2013.BRRip.x264.mp4 https://oload.network/f/XnXyBU12io0/The.Den.2013.BRRip.x264.mp4 https://vshare.eu/xelborb2zi1v.htm https://vidcloud.co/v/5cc9c91787894/The.Den.2013.BRRip.x264.mp4
  13. Barry

    A singer holes up at a sinister estate to write new songs for his act. The ghost of his murdered wife begins to haunt him, then the person who actually killed her shows up at the mansion. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller The Comeback (1978) DVDRip https://hdvid.tv/cbisp1w9lim8.html https://mirrorace.com/m/1w79s https://cloudshare.to/emxvir62ga64 https://racaty.com/fcq8lcxf1o8b https://uploadever.com/36tleiifsbrn https://jetload.net/#!/v/jyvsRcR1XLt4/The Comeback (1978) DVDRip.mp4
  14. Barry

    Plot: Riddled with guilt over the loss of his rock star older brother, 16-year-old David Forrester becomes obsessed with death, leading his misguided parents to send him to Driftwood, an attitude-adjustment Camp for troubled youths run by the sadistic Captain Doug Kennedy and his brutal young henchman, Yates. Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller Driftwood 2006 1080p Bluray x264 – RARBG https://flix555.com/n9f4xcsu6f7d https://gounlimited.to/leda61ssv5qc/Driftwood.2006.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4 http://fileflares.com/h28x9xgz6a27/Driftwood.2006.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4.html https://ayefiles.com/5846tm9c1w2i/Driftwood.2006.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4.html
  15. After witnessing a UFO, Jed Logan soon discovers his sighting may be linked to a secret government project which leads him down a dangerous path to uncover the truth. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi Incident.at.Montauk.2019.AMZN.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-NTG https://racaty.com/udnx7274pdzt https://videoz.me/nxay3k9echli.html
  16. Barry

    A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity. Genres: Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller The Dark Tapes 2017 720p WEB-DL.HEVC https://mirrorace.com/m/2bfoh https://dropapk.com/l5wvjo49hho7 https://vdirect.me/v/n6l4a56b1d8bccne https://videoz.me/94y6nft99ti9.html http://videofiles.net/vy4aopx7pi1r.html https://uploadever.com/rveoo4c434qs http://pandafiles.com/50c/The_Dark_Tapes_2017_720p_WEB-DL.HEVC..mp4 https://vod-share.com/video/P2vKYuPhYg/4587.html
  17. Cyber Girl

    In the 18th Century, John Cavendish, a Scottish adventurer, arrives in Tuscany and makes his fortune from his expert knowledge of botany and agriculture. In the present day, Marcus ... The Evil Inside 2017 720p WEBRip.mp4 https://oload.club/f/haR0JdeNSVo/ https://oload.club/f/269CI0CPMGE/
  18. Cyber Girl

    Two strangers, who awaken in a room with no recollection of how they got there, soon discover they're pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer. Saw.I.2004.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4 https://oload.club/f/7qAWxLR8yCM/
  19. Plot : May, a young Canadian woman with a horrifying past travels to the small highly spiritual town to take her vows into nun hood. There she begins to have premonitions of varies murders that seem to be related to the paintings of Caravaggio. When the inexplicable murders begin, May is plagued by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost that haunts her waking hours. In an escalation of terror and madness, she discovers an obscure secret that digs deep into the history of the town. Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller Death of the Virgin 2009 720P Bluray H264 AAC-RARBG https://openload.co/f/KbcWF78vLF8/Death.of.the.Virgin.2009.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4 http://fileflares.com/ulj916cr3fxo/Death.of.the.Virgin.2009.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4.html
  20. Cyber Girl

    A man who committed a series of murders thirteen years ago begins to hunt down his victims' children. Lovers_Lane_2000_DVDRip_x264.mkv https://openload.co/f/HvzjoEjBDTQ/Lovers_Lane_2000_DVDRip_x264.mkv https://vidlox.me/2fcivdiqqbzf http://vidto.me/nu1brfpbjfj8.html
  21. Cyber Girl

    Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son. Then a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge. It.Comes.at.Night.2017.720p.BluRay.mp4 https://openload.co/f/2NcYWkdkcR8/It.Comes.at.Night.2017.720p.BluRay.mp4 https://openload.co/f/O6xjc5LsR3I/I-t.C-o-m-e-s.A-t.N-i-g-h-t.2017.720p.BluRay.x264.mp4
  22. Three young women traveling along a dark country road encounter a mysterious girl in a white dress who turns out to be far more than she seems. The Girl In The Cornfield.mp4 https://openload.co/f/rQ3iXYemAxY https://vidzi.tv/f6mj0ftpoh6d https://thevideo.website/sj9osbctx3zl
  23. Cyber Girl

    A group of young friends stranded at a secluded roadside museum are stalked by the owner of the place, who has the power to control his collection of mannequins. Tourist Trap 1979 BluRay YIFY https://vidzi.tv/ica2ja9nkcp4.html https://estream.to/678ithxjftm9.html https://openload.co/f/dFkx4FasEyQ
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