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  1. FilmFanatic

    Hi Guys! Links don't appear to be working. Could they be refreshed, please? LYL
  2. FilmFanatic

    Just a suggestion, but if people like Paul Newmn or legal drama particularly, you may wish to locate, 'Where The Money Is' (2000) and 'Class Action'. (1991) As I say, just a suggestion. LOL XX Or should I post thm as requests?
  3. FilmFanatic

    Yeah! Nice one!
  4. FilmFanatic

    A great ilm. Thanks for posting.
  5. FilmFanatic

  6. FilmFanatic

    Hi, CG! Could the links be refreshed, please? Thanks in advance. FF
  7. FilmFanatic

    Good film. Thank you!
  8. FilmFanatic

    You are my heroine and my pin-up girl! XOXO
  9. FilmFanatic

    Just finished watching this and loved it!!! Real treat. I hope others pick up on it, too. FF
  10. FilmFanatic

    Thank you! XX
  11. FilmFanatic

    Hi CG! Love that posted this but have to ask if the full version - 239 minutes - is available, please? I have tried to find it without troubling you, but I can only find it on BluRay - the full version - on Amazon. Still, I know you like a challenge. Tks, whatever happens. FF
  12. FilmFanatic

    A true classic, this one, and note! They did it without CGI. Great post. Thanks to both of you.
  13. FilmFanatic

    Thanks for this, Barry!
  14. FilmFanatic

    I haven't seen this since it was released, so I'm off down Memory Lane today. Tks. LOL
  15. FilmFanatic

    Great post, Barry. Thank you. (More like this, please! As convenient, of course.)
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