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  1. FilmFanatic

    This one, too. LOL
  2. FilmFanatic

    Nice one, CG! FF
  3. FilmFanatic

    Another brilliant film. What would we do without you? LOL FF
  4. FilmFanatic

    Possibly the best of John Candy's films. TKS! XX
  5. FilmFanatic

    You do like sneaking them in, don't you? This is a marvellous film, so thanks for being sneaky. LOL
  6. FilmFanatic

    Ooops! Sorry. Should have done a search first. Will next time. Thanks, though. FF
  7. FilmFanatic

    One of my absolute faves! Great post. TKS!
  8. FilmFanatic

    Superb film. Thank you! FF
  9. A great taste in Movies my friend.

    1. FilmFanatic


      Cultivated over many years, my friend. There was a clutch of great war films in the sixties. 'The Dirty Dozen' springs to mind, and I shall never forget the impact 'Where Eagles Dare' had on me when I first saw it. Mustn't forget 'The Great Escape' either. FF

  10. FilmFanatic

    Nice one! I could do with a giggle. LOL FF
  11. FilmFanatic

    I know, but I didn't want you to feel left out. LOL
  12. FilmFanatic

    Wow! Guys! Thank you both. XOXO all round. FF
  13. FilmFanatic

    No joy on other links, I take it? Ho, hum. I'll try not to be a pest but may I continue to nudge you now and again?
  14. FilmFanatic

    One of the truly great films - war or otherwise. TKS, Barry.
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