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  1. Do not miss this movie.. You have never seen Nicole Kidman like this.. The best performance I have ever seen .. I did not know it was her in the beginning..This woman is amazing..
  2. Nope it works fine It was the link.. Sorry Good movie though..Don't miss it..
  3. Sound out sync or is it me? Good movie though..
  4. She has a knack for mind-reading... LOL
  5. Interesting movie.. Kind of like the "Saw" movies.. I'll bet the writers of those had something to do with this one.. Hey, there are no "Saw" movies on this site... Hmmm I wonder why?
  6. Thank you.. Excellent movie.. Love Gal Gadot...
  7. Works perfect............. https://clipwatching.com/zrzyet6ezxgf
  8. Noomi Rapace simple the best.. The perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon.. Thank you.. Works perfect... https://clipwatching.com/szh83ficokls/Close.2019.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.mp4.html
  9. This one.. https://clipwatching.com/acfb1pbxl9un/King.of.Thieves.2018.HDRip.AC3.X264-CMRG.mp4.html
  10. I can identify with the age part of this movie.. It seems like Michael Caine and I have grown up together.. The Robbery part is a whole other story..Thanks.. Oh and the (watch the movie) link worked fine..
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