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  1. Larry306

    The lady who played the part of "The Player" Abbi Butler, is one great actress... You will love this movie.. Watch it you won't be disappointed..
  2. Larry306

    Bee for you say anything.. Never ever mess with the Bees... Great movie.. Thank you ...
  3. Larry306

    Thank you Barry...it worked great..
  4. Larry306

    Links don't work... Clipwatching does... Sorry just saying..
  5. Larry306

    My uncle was one of the soldiers who was there helping the prisoners in WW2.. The stories he told were just like this... Sad but its a good movie don't miss it.. Its about life and the way it really is...What people will do to each other..
  6. Larry306

    This was very good.. A touch of the "Saw" moves which I love along with mystery and drama.. Don't miss this one.. Thank you Barry..
  7. Larry306

    Not there..
  8. Larry306

    Steve McQueen was my favorite actor of all time.. I drive a Mustang to this day.. Great movie..Thanks.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_McQueen
  9. Larry306

    Very hot special effects... Natalie Portman is great.. Don't miss it..
  10. Larry306

    Take a trip into the world of a Middle School girl going into her first year of High School.. The Mall, Cell technology and how far its come since you got your first cell phone.. It took about 10 minutes for me to get interested but then I was hooked.. Very, very good actress plays the lead part.. Check it out...
  11. Larry306

    Absolutely great movie, don't miss it.. Oh and I was at the Peppermint Lounge in 1962 seeing Joey Dee & the Star-liters.. This Movie brought me to tears and great memories for me.. The travels were totally accurate the background perfect.. I drove to Georgia in the 60s and this was accurate in the way they were treated.. Sears had a Colored bathroom and next to it a White Bathroom.. Same with drinking fountains... Thank you Cyber Girl...
  12. Larry306

    Links don't work for me...
  13. Larry306

    Do not miss this movie.. You have never seen Nicole Kidman like this.. The best performance I have ever seen .. I did not know it was her in the beginning..This woman is amazing..
  14. Larry306

    Nope it works fine It was the link.. Sorry Good movie though..Don't miss it..
  15. Larry306

    Sound out sync or is it me? Good movie though..
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