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  1. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Nice sequel to the original film with Sissy Spacek, this time featuring another teen possessing telekinetic powers that go awry. Including a member of the original cast, Amy Irving plays a guidance counselor with lingering memories of the first killing spree. This entry in the Carrie saga with Emily Bergl in the lead role is fairly well executed , comparing favorably with the 2002 TV-movie, but maybe not quite as good as the 1976 original or the 2013 re-telling. Still, they were all worth a second watch for me. Best regards, Dana
  2. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Intense thriller featuring the always-good Jennifer Garner as a take-no-prisoners hit-woman. Although I did like her performance better in 2019's Peppermint, this psuedo-followup to her appearance in 2003's Daredevil was pretty good. What the story lacked in substance, Garner helped carry the momentum with her on-screen charisma. Guess I liked it better than the critics did. Best regards, Dana
  3. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl and Barry. This horror masterpiece has only been available on DVD for many years, and then showed up recently on an expensive German Blu-ray mediabook release. Although I also liked the 2007 remake with Sean Bean and Sophia Bush, this 1986 rendition with Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell is the definitive classic. Just a terrific film, one that I never get tired of seeing again. Really appreciate your posting this one. Best regards, Dana
  4. dartfever

    Thank you Cyber Girl. Amusing follow-up to the first film, featuring our favorite characters and introducing a few new ones to keep things lively. Two separate main stories kept the momentum going, and the life lessons along the way were solid. I do think I liked the first entry better, but that is just my own perception. The filmmakers here obviously tried hard to please all age groups, which did make some of the sequences specifically appeal to grownups and others more appropriate for the kids. Maybe that balance could have been smoother, but overall a fast-moving and fun movie to see. Best regards, Dana
  5. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Came across this film by accident, and thought I would check out a Dwayne Johnson appearance between his Fast and Furious roles. This movie did turn out better than I expected, mainly because of the great supporting cast that balanced Johnson’s one-dimensional performance. The action scenes were impressive, and the CGI effects were very convincing. I liked that the story was not so much based on the ancient Gods but more on earthly conquests, even if a bit exaggerated. Solid entertainment. The links here are inactive, but I found a copy to watch. Best regards, Dana
  6. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Having not cared much for the original 1990 version of the film, I had decided to give the 2017 re-make a try. While it was better, I still thought both were way overrated by the critics. Then along comes the 2019 Chapter Two sequel, and I kept thinking Stephen King’s novel must have had something more to offer. Very surprisingly, this movie was filled with all the suspense and spine-tingling visuals that I had come to expect from a Stephen King work. The sequence with Pennywise’s daughter was ultra-creepy, as was the spider-leg scene. I also liked the way past memories were interspersed with current actions without losing continuity. Although the Director was the same as Chapter One, maybe having the screenplay written by only Gary Dauberman instead of sharing with two others as in Chapter One made the difference. Then again, perhaps having over twice the budget for Chapter Two versus Chapter One had an substantial effect. Not sure, but this one was a winner for me. Best regards, Dana
  7. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Thinking this might be a remake of the 1977 film with Marilyn Chambers, I was pleasantly surprised by a very different story that contained several of the elements found in the original. The Soska Sisters have directed some impressive horror movies, with 2012’s American Mary being an all-time favorite of mine. They even appeared briefly in the club segment, trash-talking Laura Vandervoort who played the main character. Significant amount of bloodshed throughout, as was to be expected from the Soskas. Although my preference would have been to end at the 100-minute mark, instead of adding to the conclusion with a sequence that has been done multiple times before, this was still another solid effort from the Sisters. Definitely worth checking out at least once. Best regards, Dana
  8. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Underappreciated thriller about what can happen in a foreign country if you are not extremely vigilant and cautious in accepting offers from strangers. Despite the relatively sparse cast and sets, this film is both suspenseful and realistic. The disturbing ending makes you think twice about getting off the beaten path, no matter where you are. Very good film, an undiscovered gem for me. Best regards, Dana
  9. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Strong entry to the Bourne series, bringing back Matt Damon to continue poking into the CIA’s covert programs to reveal his true past. Vincent Cassel is excellent as a vengeful operative tasked with killing Bourne at all costs. Terrific action sequences, especially the car chase near the end, made this a great watch for me. Best regards, Dana
  10. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Nice change to the storyline in the Bourne series, featuring Jeremy Renner as an Outcome agent essentially going rogue similar to Matt Damon in the earlier films. As the plot gets more convoluted, the action sequences ramp up as well, making this a strong contender for the best in the series. No appearance of Bourne, hence the movie title. Of course, the conclusion is left open-ended for yet another sequel to come, so we have to wait to see what will ultimately happen to agents Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne. Best regards, Dana
  11. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Decent concept, but using a hand-held camera for filming made it difficult to watch. Really did need more special effects towards the ending to authenticate the story. Pretty unremarkable, but glad I got to see it. Best regards, Dana
  12. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Great follow-up to the first in the series, and every bit as captivating. Wonderful copy, terrific 3D effect. Best regards, Dana
  13. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Relatively underrated but unique film directed by Wes Craven, one of my personal favorites. Watching it again after seeing it first over 30-years-ago, this is still a treat for horror fans. Featuring an early role for Kristy Swanson, plus a late-but-standout performance from Anne Ramsey, the filmmakers made effective use of the special effects available at the time. Maybe not exceptional by today’s horror standards, but certainly memorable in its own right. Best regards, Dana
  14. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Nice follow-up to 2010’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, featuring some of the original characters and players. With a more comprehensible story, great special effects, and a satisfying conclusion, I thought this film was slightly better than the first entry in the series. The mechanical bullfight was really impressive. Too bad they have yet to complete the trilogy, but maybe it is still coming sometime in the future. Enjoyable fantasy. Best regards, Dana
  15. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry and Cyber Girl. Third installment in the Rob Zombie-directed trilogy, providing the continuing saga of murder and self-indulgence at the hands of the outlaws dubbed the Devil’s Rejects by the media. Although there was certainly ample amounts of bloodshed and mayhem, this film did not have the same level of impact to me as the first two entries. Still a solid watch, but I felt it could have benefitted by trimming the run time. Best regards, Dana
  16. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry and Cyber Girl. Surprisingly-entertaining comedy-crime-drama , well-paced and filled with clever dialog. Although I have not been impressed with Dave Bautista in previous roles, he delivered a very competent performance as the cop with a mission. Co-star Kumail Nanjiani’s acting style and mannerisms reminded me so much of Karan Soni, that it felt like I was watching his twin brother. Good storyline, well-chosen cast, solid action sequences, and lots of fun. Best regards, Dana
  17. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Another impactful entry in the Bourne series, continuing the story of the CIA agent who may have forgotten his past, but not his survival skills. If only the powers-to-be would just invite him in to sit down and exchange everything they know, but too many secret agendas would become known, and highly-positioned people would fare badly. This is the whole point of Bourne’s assault, where more mayhem and destruction become the norm of the day. Insane stuff, especially his driving off the roof backwards. If you look hard, you will see Scott Adkins in a minor role as an agent. Thanks also to Cyber Girl for the alternate links. Best regards, Dana
  18. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Action movie in the spirit of the Fast and the Furious series, extracting a couple of its alumni to strike out on their own against those threatening the world. Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are pitted together to work as a team in recovering a deadly virus targeted by an extremist group intending to use it for their own devious goals. Since the characters Statham and Johnson play cannot stand each other, there is much in the way of personal aggravation and humor that kept me entertained through the many sequences of mayhem and destruction. Surprisingly, The Rock even gave a quick nod to his wrestling days with an exaggerated raised-eyebrow. Overall, very enjoyable. Best regards, Dana
  19. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Great sequel to 2002's Bourne Identity, taking off pretty much where the first film ended. Featuring a few of the original supporting actors, whose performances along with Matt Damon kept me involved in the story, and the suspenseful intrigue coupled with intense action held my attention throughout. Nice to see Karl Urban in a supporting role as an opposing assassin. While the ending did feel a little too contrived, it was passable. Should be fun to see if 2007’s Bourne Ultimatum keeps up the momentum. Thanks also to Cyber Girl for the added link. Best regards, Dana
  20. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Initially I avoided this film series knowing I would want to see them all, and there are only so many movies that one can watch in their lifetime. Finally, I decided to give the Jason Bourne series a try, and am glad I did. Even though it seemed like just another spy-thriller, the storyline reeled me in and the action sequences were spectacular, especially car chase and the fight choreography. Having thoroughly enjoyed the Transporter films and the John Wick series, this one fit right in to my definition of solid entertainment. Looking forward to watching 2004’s Bourne Supremacy, since I am now firmly hooked on the series. Best regards, Dana
  21. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Outstanding action film, featuring a great cast and a story that kept me thoroughly entranced. Complete with lots of pyrotechnics, massive vehicle destruction, and of course, nasty bad-guys. Thomas Jane and John Travolta filled their roles perfectly, and the support players were chosen well. Very satisfying ending. Best regards, Dana P.S. The Openload link still works. Nice.
  22. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Beginning at the end of 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses, Rob Zombie brings back the bizarre characters for another odyssey of murder and mayhem. With the exception of Karen Black, the original players are all here, with Leslie Easterbrook filling in to deliver a fantastic performance as Mother Firefly. There was never a dull moment, as Zombie creates a captivating storyline that is as intense as it is unpredictable. As with House of 1000 Corpses, this is not a movie for everyone, as there are even more random acts of death and destruction. Highly-entertaining for us horror fans. Best regards, Dana
  23. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Admittedly, I was beginning to question whether I wanted to finish watching this film until about 41-minutes-in where Will Smith appears as the Genie. Up to that point it was not very remarkable, but Smith gave it a whole new dimension with his wry humor and commanding stage presence. The musical numbers were mostly uninspiring, but a couple did stand out as memorable, especially Prince Ali’s arrival. Nice depth with the 3D effect, particularly clear with the higher-quality file. May not watch it again, but glad I stuck with it all the way through. Best regards, Dana
  24. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Unique tension-filled movie about a couple of kids who are running away from home, only to come across an unoccupied police car in the middle of nowhere, and unable to resist taking it out for a spin. Kevin Bacon was excellent as the sheriff with questionable ethics, and the two young actors James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford were absolutely perfect as the wandering children. Even though there did not seem to be much happening in some sequences, the engaging personalities of the principal characters kept the story interesting and moving forward. Very enjoyable, demanding a second viewing for me. Best regards, Dana
  25. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Squeaky-clean Disney film about a young couple who find themselves inadvertently transported into a 60’s musical, and trying to make the best of their situation while figuring out how to return home. Intentionally overacted roles, cute choreography, and a simplistically-clever story all combined to be reminiscent of a typical beach-party-themed movie. Despite the parodies and overall silliness, I found it quite enjoyable. Best regards, Dana
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