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  1. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Familiar theme about downtrodden teens encouraged toward greatness by a high-school teacher seeking purpose in life. Although not usually a fan of George Lopez, I was impressed with how well he played the mentor in this film. Definitely a feel-good movie for the whole family, especially since it was based on real-life events. Best regards, Dana
  2. dartfever

    Thank you Cyber Girl. Adventure story about a pompous British explorer trying to find proof of the Sasquatch, and a personable Bigfoot just wanting to find others like himself for companionship. Some very impressive animation details plus clever humorous situations made this a truly fun movie. Great choices for voice actors. Best regards, Dana P.S. Thanks to Barry for the additional HQ links, much appreciated.
  3. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. This is a great addition to the LEGO series of films, seeming to get better and better with each new release. Really enjoyed this one, made particularly memorable with the 3D effect. Although I would have preferred 10-minutes more of LEGO action rather than the 13-minutes of end credits, no complaints here. Best regards, Dana
  4. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl! Intense drama depicting the individual struggles to survive in a dystopian setting caused by a drought, most turning to illegal activities to support their lifestyles. Reminiscent of films set in the Australian outback, stark and brutal. Despite the low budget and lackluster ending, the engaging story and competent acting held my attention throughout. Liked it. Best regards, Dana
  5. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Decent western featuring Sharon Stone as a tough-but-vulnerable survivor, seeking revenge against an evil town boss played by Gene Hackman. The gunfights did seem a little too clean, and the pace a bit uneven, but the individual performances overcame those minor shortcomings. Great cast, enjoyable film. Best regards, Dana.
  6. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Captivating story about the beginning and eventual resolution of a soul band, using the James Brown group as the level in which to aspire. Watching the difficulties in finding suitable members was fun, plus seeing the band develop musically as personality conflicts escalated was entertaining. Enjoyable film, really nice copy. Best regards, Dana
  7. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. This is a great entry in the Marvel superhero series in standard 2D form, made even more memorable with the added 3D effect. Great copy, appreciate your posting it for us to enjoy. The CGI work in this film was quite impressive, and combining it with a solid and intriguing story, it fit in very nicely with the Avengers ongoing sequence of events. Particularly fun seeing the exposure of the Flerken. Best regards, Dana
  8. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl! Stark and disturbing tale centered around a young deaf girl imprisoned in a brothel filled with unwilling women being kept against their will to serve the owner's demands. Probably the most memorable portrayal of this scenario I have yet to see, intense and brutal, but with a somewhat satisfying ending. Not for everyone. Best regards, Dana
  9. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Hollywood spectacular for the time, complete with period-correct singing and dancing. Fun to see how movies were produced in 1933 as opposed to today, and what was considered dramatic acting by the standards of the past. The dancers were unbelievably energetic, and the synchronized routines were a real treat to watch. Best regards, Dana
  10. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Made-for-TV movie about teen struggles for power through popularity, and the effects the perceived power had upon them. Not much in the way of action or violence, but the escalating psychological tension and scheming among the principal characters was enough to hold my interest through to the surprisingly-dynamic conclusion. Seemed a bit over-rated on IMDb, but was still worth a one-time viewing for me. Best regards, Dana
  11. dartfever

    Cicero, the links are to the 3D version of the film, which is supposed to be a double-screen view (side-by-side, commonly called SBS). You would need compatible 3D equipment to properly watch this title. Best regards, Dana
  12. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Solid action-thriller featuring a tough-as-nails Gina Carano in the lead role, determined to recover her son from her deceased father's revengeful ex-business associate. Richard Dreyfuss is quite good as the chief of the evildoers, but Gina commanded attention in every scene in which she appeared. She was great in 2011's Haywire and 2016's Deadpool, and really brought the action scenes to life in this film. While the visual interchanges between Gina and the alpha-wolf seemed unnecessary to the storyline, overall it was a very enjoyable movie for me. Best regards, Dana
  13. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Story about an introverted young boy who has trouble pronouncing his own name, but manages to become involved in a range of adventures stemming from both his questionably-managed grade-school and chaotic home life. Not quite the laugh-out-loud humor anticipated, but there were a few chuckle-worthy sequences. Geared more to the younger audiences, where adults may find it only mildly-entertaining. Best regards, Dana
  14. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Fantasy-adventure story about a boy who inherits magical powers pitted against a grown man who had absorbed evil. Offbeat superhero slant, with an odd mix of serious carnage and juvenile humor. Not sure it worked that well in this case, but still kept me watching to see how it would resolve in the end. Best regards, Dana
  15. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Psychological-thriller depicting the rapid decline of an orderly business climate into a survival of the fittest scenario. Violent and unsettling, yet captivating to watch. Great performances, featuring an ending that was both satisfying and unnerving. Very enjoyable film. Best regards, Dana
  16. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Although not a fan of clay-mation, this adult-oriented production was surprisingly entertaining for me. Lots of sexual and stereotypical references, with subtle jabs at a variety of contemporary subjects. Definitely not for those who are offended by off-color humor. Best regards, Dana
  17. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Really good movie, made truly memorable by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. Even better in 3D, a must-see for us fantasy-action fans. Best regards, Dana
  18. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Unique take on the human-hunter genre, adding a psychological aspect. Slow at times but continually engrossing, with a surprise twist at the end. Best regards, Dana
  19. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. The opening and closing monologue was clever, but the focus of the film is based on the Japanese translation of the title. Definitely not for the squeamish or easily offended. Glad I was able to see what all the IMDb reviewers' fuss was about, but would probably not watch it again. Best regards, Dana
  20. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Entertaining entry in the Ice Age francise, this time giving more screen time to the supporting characters. Really nice copy, even better than the earlier links. Much appreciated. Best regards, Dana
  21. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Plenty of crazy action and clever animated-to-human interchanges. A fun movie to see, even if not Pokemon-versed. Great copy, too. Best regards, Dana
  22. dartfever

    Thanks, Cyber Girl. Chaotic and nonsensical, plus rated poorly by reviewers. I enjoyed it very much. Best regards, Dana
  23. dartfever

    Originally posted on wrong page: Cyber Girl, thank you so much for posting this title, really appreciated! After thoroughly enjoying 2012's Iron Sky, this follow-up film was eagerly anticipated. Where the prequel had its share of craziness and limited humor, this iteration was totally nuts, with plenty of surprises and fantasy-like sequences to make me wonder what could possibly happen next. Featuring Julia Dietze, Stephanie Paul, and Udo Kier reprising their characters from the first story, the filmmakers also managed to poke fun at a wide variety of notable real-life people. Even though the script was chaotic, the special effects and CGI work looked pretty good, and the cast seemed fully vested in their respective roles. Lots of fun to watch. 6-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  24. dartfever

    Cyber Girl, my review was intended to be posted for 2019's Iron Sky, the Coming Race. Reposted on the correct page. Sorry. 2012's Iron Sky was actually a 7-½/10 for me. Need to stop writing these responses at 1:15AM PST! Best regards, Dana
  25. dartfever

    Cyber Girl, thank you much for posting this title! Hard to find decent westerns anymore, the last really impressive one for me was 2014's The Salvation with Mads Mikkelsen. For a low-budget film, Kill or Be Killed featured an intriguing plot, passable acting, and a reasonable balance between character development and action. I did feel the editing was a bit sloppy, with some scenes too extended and others cut at the wrong time. Nonetheless, the storyline did hold my interest through to the surprises at the conclusion. 5-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
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