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  1. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Having seen 2013’s Mystery Road directed by Ivan Sen, I was looking forward to another suspenseful crime thriller from the same director. Again set in the Australian outback, this sequel-of-sorts featured the same rough-around-the-edges detective capably played by Aaron Pedersen, although the story did not rely on any details from the first movie. The subject matter was not particularly original, but it was filmed well and the slow build to a climactic showdown was rewarding. Best regards, Dana
  2. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Thanks also to Barry for the added links. Screwy outback adventure featuring a brother and sister looking for their real mother, while dodging the nefarious intentions of the remote Australian villagers. Vaguely reminiscent of 1997’s Welcome to Woop Woop, this semi-serious comedy features some particularly strange characters mixed with plenty of gross-out moments. Captivatingly horrific. Best regards, Dana
  3. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. The 3D effect made this movie much more enjoyable for me, having previously seen it and thinking it was kind of unremarkable. Family-friendly entertainment. Best regards, Dana
  4. dartfever

    Thank you for the updates, Cyber Girl. The newer transfers have really cleaned up the video, making the viewing of this terrific movie even more memorable. Best regards, Dana
  5. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Supposedly based on real events, this convoluted tale followed the events of two prisoners consigned as hitmen by high-level politically-driven individuals that want to eliminate any opposition to their goals. Fascinating to watch as the two men attempt to balance their lives in jail against their side profession, all the while anticipating the return to their families and loved ones. Not an expected ending, but satisfying closure. Best regards, Dana
  6. dartfever

    Karl Urban is very good in the lead role as a cop suspected of being corrupt (“bent”), pursuing conflicting shreds of evidence to prove the innocence of both himself and his deceased partner. With an involved plot that was not overly-complex, a solid supporting cast including Andy Garcia and Sofia Vergara, plus well-paced action scenes, this film was a treat to watch. Best regards, Dana
  7. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Competent remake of the disturbingly-memorable 2008 French release film. If an avid fan of the original, this could be a disappointment. Contrary to many IMDb reviews, I thought this was quite good even comparing it directly to the 2008 version. Still violent and unsettling, just with a wider perspective of the surrounding events and a narrower view of the brutality. Best watched with no preconceived expectations. Nice closure at the end. Best regards, Dana
  8. Thank you, Cyber Girl. Sixth and final film from the original movie releases. Probably this series of films is not for the purists, as many of the fight scenes are blatantly unrealistic. Watching it as more of an offshoot from the Japanese manga, it is more palatable for adventurous tastes. Spawned a Japanese TV series in 2002, plus heavily influenced a favorite of mine, 2009’s Samurai Avenger: the Blind Wolf. Best regards, Dana
  9. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Amusing story about a fearless no-nonsense French detective who finds out he has a daughter in Japan, and sets out to ensure her safety from those who would cause her harm. Ryôko Hirosue plays the quirky-perky daughter perfectly against the over-protective father Jean Reno, with Luc Besson’s direction giving the film just enough comic relief to keep it from getting too serious. Certainly not a cinematic masterpiece, but kept me thoroughly engaged. Best regards, Dana
  10. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Watched this based on the incredibly-high ratings on IMDb, and was impressed by the clever filming techniques and creative editing. The acting and pacing was nicely orchestrated to immerse the viewer into the action taking place, plus telling the same story from different perspectives was an unusual concept in films of that era. To appreciate this movie, it needs to be viewed referencing the time of release, otherwise it could seem a bit uneventful and boring. Best regards, Dana
  11. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Thanks also to Cyber Girl for updating the links, much appreciated. As two scientists working on synthesizing protein for the benefit of animal production, Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley secretly expanded their research to include human DNA experimentation. When the unexpectedly successful results became more than they could contain, the carefully crafted plan turned disastrous. Amazing special effects, plus outstanding performances by Delphine Chanéac and Abigail Chu as the lab-created creature. Perfect closing segment. Best regards, Dana
  12. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Cute and clever, definitely one of the better office comedies. Rewarding to see two arrogant pranksters cut down to size, and then redeeming themselves by recognizing that they are not as much above the corporate rules as they thought. Great performances all around, plus an ending that brings deserved closure. Best regards, Dana
  13. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Thanks also to Barry for the added links. Yet another home-invasion story, but with just enough twists to make it unique. Difficult to picture Kevin James as anything other than a bungling mall cop or an incompetent delivery guy, but he did give a passable performance as a neo-Nazi gang leader out for a score. Conversely, Lulu Wilson played her unhappy-teen character to the hilt, transferring the anger with her life situation into extreme violence against the criminals. The significance of the key was never revealed, maybe that secret is being left for a sequel. Best regards, Dana
  14. Thank you, Barry. Great sequel, as the four TMNT brothers battle against an even more colossal foes than before. Featuring most of the original actors from the 2014 film, the action is truly fast and furious as the gang races to defeat an entity that wants to take over the world for its own devious intentions. Terrific 3D effects, making me wince more than once to avoid getting hit from flying objects. Love to see a third entry in the series. Best regards, Dana
  15. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Inventive film showcasing the super-human crime-fighting abilities of the TMNT team. Nicely ties together the origin of the mutants and their sensei, as they battle their way to saving the residents of New York from a bizarre plot to poison the population and then offer the antidote at an inflated price. Excellent use of the 3D effect. Fantasy-based lunacy, but highly appealing. Best regards, Dana
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