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  1. Thank you very much for posting this one, Barry! Did not find this appealing when I first watched the previews, but it turned out to be a well-put-together film. Fast-moving, fun animation, interesting characters, and a solid story. The 3D effect was quite impressive, making me flinch a couple of times to miss the flying objects. Enjoyable, 6-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  2. Thank you very much for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Not a bad horror film, despite a couple of highly-negative reviews on IMDb. The filmwork and acting was competent, and combined with plenty of blood and gore, it was better than expected. Granted, it did have a somewhat weak storyline and just-okay special effects, but it also had a number of fun moments. 5/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  3. Thanks very much for this post, Barry! Familiar story, but with enough unique complexity to stand on its own. Great action sequences, especially the car chase. The casting for each of the main characters was perfect, with each actor immersed in their role. Really a good thriller, 7/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  4. Thank you, thank you, Barry! Saw this one years ago in 2D, and am looking forward to the in-your-face 3D version. Very much appreciated! Best regards, Dana
  5. Barry, any chance you could re-upload this 3D title? I missed it first time around, and the links are non-functional. Thank you very much. Best regards, Dana
  6. Cyber Girl and Barry, thank you both for posting the links to this title! Starring the excellent Emily Blunt, this film showcased clever musical numbers and creative choreography, wrapped around the struggles of a family to keep their home from forclosure. One standout segment featured Meryl Streep as the kooky Cousin Topsy, when she was dealing with the upside-down Wednesday problem. Yet another was when Dick Van Dyke (who was in his early-90’s at the time), climbed up on a desk and went through a cute dance routine. Although the movie did seem to lack the charm of the 1964 original, there were certainly some moments to remember. 5-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  7. Thank you so much for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Some of the Lego-based films have been just okay, and a few like this one, really stand out as exceptional. Very fast-moving and filled with entertaining quips and interesting situations, the focus stays on the Lego character interaction, keeping the human element minimized. I almost passed on watching it because of one particular actor, but fortunately his contribution is limited. Glad I didn't, 7/10 for me. Thanks also to Barry for the HQ links. Best regards, Dana
  8. Thank you for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Competent action-thriller, complete with solid filmwork and editing, plus some nice twists thrown in to keep up the level of interest. Not being a fan of excessive and randomly-inserted backstory flashbacks, I did find here that the screenwriters and editors managed to intersperse the segments into a very comprehensible story. 6-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  9. Thank you very, very much for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Always felt this outstanding animated film deserved a high-quality transfer, and here it is. Having seen it years ago on DVD, I was surprised how much more I noticed on the Blu-ray version, tentatively scheduled for widespread release in June. This feature would be even more amazing in 3D, but that will most likely not happen. Anyway, this is a must-see for animated-action fans, and one of my all-time favorites. Love the screaming and singing slugs, and love to hate the scheming and bungling frogs. 8/10 for me. Added thanks to Barry for the HQ links. Best regards, Dana
  10. Thank you very much for this post, Cyber Girl! Crime-drama story made comedic by injecting a couple of hapless ex-criminals, who cannot stay out of trouble with either local gangsters or themselves. Lots of action sequences, featuring a tough woman detective that pulls no punches and a male assassin who is expert with the butterfly knife. It did seem like the scriptwriters and director could have made the storyline more captivating had they allowed the characters to develop a bit more, as the action scenes involving the pursuit of an elusive briefcase became slightly repetitive after a while. 5/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  11. Thanks so much for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Crude and offensive, yet highly entertaining would be my perfect descriptors for this muppets-gone-gross parody. If ever an obscure film begs for a crisp Blu-ray release, this is it. Even some of the voice actors are mimicking (intentionally?) well-known celebrities like Paul Lynde and Christopher Lloyd. The puppetry is not bad, but a step below the Jim Henson level. Definitely not a movie for everyone, but 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  12. Thank you very much, Barry! Solid fantasy-adventure continuing the story from the first episode, featuring an open-ended conclusion to pave the way for the third film to come. Definitely a prime example of a movie that was filmed to showcase the 3D effect, and does it quite well. 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  13. Thank you for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Yet another fun adventure with the Lego supers, this time adding the questionable skills of Aquaman. Maybe not as engaging as some of the series, but entertaining nonetheless. 5/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  14. Thank you very much for this post, Cyber Girl! Tense and gritty crime-thriller about a detective that is on a downward spiral, as she wrestles with her past and present life values involving her job and rebellious daughter. Nicole Kidman was pretty good in the lead role as the crusty cop on a personal crusade to redeem herself. Did not care for the random interweaving of segments from various timelines intended to fill in the details, much of which was extended beyond what I felt was necessary to tell the basic story. 5/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  15. Thanks for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Cute story about snow-sledding competitors, and their quest to build and race to win. Nicely detailed animation, and a solid theme about losing and building friendships. Maybe a bit too gooey-sweet in places for me, but enjoyable The little dog was wacky-fun to watch go through its gyrations. 5/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
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