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  1. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Fast-paced crime-action film revolving around mixed loyalties, complicated relationships, and a polished silver handgun. Gripping acting, great filmwork and editing, and very nicely-staged gunfights made this movie truly memorable for me. Best regards, Dana
  2. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Two brothers and two women on a flight to safety amid a viral outbreak with no cure for those infected. Good acting made this a competent entry to the genre, showcasing the feelings and reactions of the main characters. Would have liked to have seen their encounters with others expanded, as I felt it could have given the film more substance. Best regards, Dana
  3. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Recognizable premise involving real killers taking over a Halloween haunted house, featuring a bizarre group of misfits pitted against a clueless group of twentyish young folks and an unlikely duo representing the local law enforcement. Enough bad behavior and bloodshed to hold my interest throughout the non-stop carnage. Watch for a quick cameo by Robert Englund during the closing scenes. Best regards, Dana
  4. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Intensely-entertaining movie revisiting the familiar theme of humans hunting humans, but not dwelling on the morality issues involved by the choices the central characters had made. Betty Gilpin was outstanding as the seemingly-indestructible woman out to simply get back home to Mississippi, taking no prisoners along the way. Nicely filmed with perfectly-timed action sequences, the well-choreographed fight between Gilpin and Hilary Swank brought back memories of the violent confrontation between Uma Thurman and Vivica Fox in 2003’s Kill Bill. Best regards, Dana
  5. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry and Cyber Girl. Exciting sci-fi tale about a deep sea oil drilling rig that encounters something that does not appreciate being disturbed. Visually and suspensefully intense, this film was a thrill ride from beginning to end. Best regards, Dana
  6. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Mystery-thriller about a writer who is presented with a journal that may be from Ernest Hemmingway during his time in Cuba, and the quest to discover the origin and authenticity of the writings. As the search leads him to a seemingly abandoned house, the writer and his friends become trapped in a maze of hallways, doors, and deadly adversaries. Not dramatically different from others in the same genre, but was worth the quick watch. Best regards, Dana
  7. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry and Cyber Girl. Rewarding episode in the series, bringing together all the notables for one last stand against the dreaded Sith and its power-hungry leader. No real surprises, but filled with great action sequences and impressive special effects. Best regards, Dana
  8. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Engaging story revolving around people with special telepathic and telekinesis powers, revealing that some use their gift for the benefit of others, where a small segment captures those with the gift to be used for their own nefarious purposes. Extended-length films like this can be difficult to sit all the way through, but with strong characterizations plus well-chosen settings and sounds, this film was an enjoyable exception for me. Thanks also to Barry for the added links. Best Regards, Dana
  9. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Mystery-thriller about the persistent efforts of a distraught investigator summoned to decipher the clues in video images to reveal the identity of a killer. Startling discoveries amid the questionable video clips made this an engrossing film for me. Best regards, Dana
  10. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Interesting murder-mystery styled for TV viewing, featuring a female detective with very perceptive powers of observation and deductive reasoning. Focusing more on human interaction and covert agendas, the action sequences seemed a little diluted, showcasing wire-enabled gymnastics without the typical graphic maiming and intense bloodshed. Not a bad movie, although not as memorable as the Detective Dee series. Best regards, Dana
  11. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Offbeat story about an ill-tempered young man who drifts through life day-by-day, seizing every opportunity to cheat businesses out of money or goods. Despite some scenes that dragged a bit, plus a symbolic ending that I felt missed the chance to add impact, this movie was well-directed and nicely-filmed for such a simple premise. Best regards, Dana
  12. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. A modern-day Deputy Sheriff trying to find a runaway bride encounters a town filled with people from the distant past, a town harboring a vengeful outlaw gang. The gunfights were nicely orchestrated, plus the settings were well-chosen. Not bad for a Charles Band production, certainly enough action and evil bad-guys to make it interesting. Best regards, Dana
  13. dartfever

    Thank you, Barry. Psychological-thrillers are not my usual choice, but this one drew me in with an intriguing story and quirky characters. Maybe the ending could have been a bit more dramatic, but overall this was a nicely-polished film. Best regards, Dana
  14. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Gritty crime-drama telling the story of a man recently released from prison wanting to start a fresh life, but unavoidably reverts back into his past behavior. Makes the viewer feel sympathy for the principal character, despite the man’s use of extreme violence in an attempt to solve the problems of his family members. Not a feel-good ending, but appropriate. Best regards, Dana
  15. dartfever

    Thank you, Cyber Girl. Mesmerizing story about a Soviet tank driver that survived devastating injuries, and his quest to destroy a seemingly-indestructible German war machine. Most of the movie did not feature battleground action, but the attention to detail was excellent. The last half-hour did slow the pace and suspense level to a crawl, but the final revealing scene was worth the wait, even though it was somewhat anti-climactic. Best regards, Dana
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