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  1. Thank you, Cyber Girl! Very powerful movie, looking great on Bu-ray. Best regards, Dana
  2. Thanks, Barry! Definitely had a better impact on me as a 3D presentation. Nice copy, too. Best regards, Dana
  3. Thank you for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Exceptional film, looking great on Blu-ray. 7/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  4. Thank you for posting this title! Entertaining and fun, styled like a Troma-Team film. 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  5. Thank you for this post, Cyber Girl! Surprisingly-entertaining story about a rejuvenation clinic gearing up to sell their super-vitamins to the world, only to find there were some unexpected side effects. The offbeat characters, crazy action, and ultra-gross sequences made it fun to watch. Much like what you would expect from a Troma-Team production, but with better filmwork and competent acting. 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  6. Thank you, Cyber Girl, for posting this title! Horror-thriller with a familiar theme, but better than the IMDb reviews would indicate. Maybe lured into watching because Tiffany Shepis is a favorite actress, but I did find this to be an undiscovered gem of a movie. Despite being relatively low-budget, the acting, filmwork, and editing was quite good. Although the reasoning behind the murderous rampage did stretch reality, plus the strained relationship between sisters lacked any real basis, it was a treat to watch. 6-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  7. Barry, thank you for posting this title! This was a pretty decent madcap-thriller, very much an 80's-styled movie. Although not a fan of Jeff Goldblum in his later roles, he was quite good here as the bewildered and downtrodden man trying to make sense of the situation imposed upon him by the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer. Watching David Bowie in his portrayal as an enforcer made me wonder why he never became a huge movie star, instead recognized more for his impact on the musical world. Both drama and humor are nicely intertwined, thanks to director John Landis, who also plays one of the bungling Iranian henchmen. Fun to see what was considered LA-trendy in 1985. 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  8. Many thanks, Cyber Girl, for posting this title! Entertaining super-hero tale about a girl with martial arts skills, lured into a becoming a force to be reckoned with as she is pitted against the evildoers of her city. Although the scene-framing and editing could have been improved, the main theme and lead actress helped make it engaging. The fight scenes were well-choreographed, and the chase sequences varied from good to pretty spectacular. The review at https://www.imdb.com/review/rw4854471/?ref_=tt_urv is a little wordy but fairly accurate. A fun movie to watch. 5-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  9. Thank you for posting this title, Cyber Girl! Admittedly, I was sucked in by the title, and just had to see what it was all about. This is a very low-cost production, and the acting, effects, and storyline are all consistent with the budget, as one would expect. While I have seen undiscovered gems be released on a micro-cost basis, they are few and far between. There were a couple of sequences that stood out as entertaining in this film, but overall it was pretty underwhelming. Glad I was able to see it, but only 3/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  10. Originally posted on wrong page: Cyber Girl, thank you so much for posting this title, really appreciated! After thoroughly enjoying 2012's Iron Sky, this follow-up film was eagerly anticipated. Where the prequel had its share of craziness and limited humor, this iteration was totally nuts, with plenty of surprises and fantasy-like sequences to make me wonder what could possibly happen next. Featuring Julia Dietze, Stephanie Paul, and Udo Kier reprising their characters from the first story, the filmmakers also managed to poke fun at a wide variety of notable real-life people. Even though the script was chaotic, the special effects and CGI work looked pretty good, and the cast seemed fully vested in their respective roles. Lots of fun to watch. 6-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  11. Cyber Girl, my review was intended to be posted for 2019's Iron Sky, the Coming Race. Reposted on the correct page. Sorry. 2012's Iron Sky was actually a 7-½/10 for me. Need to stop writing these responses at 1:15AM PST! Best regards, Dana
  12. Cyber Girl, thank you much for posting this title! Hard to find decent westerns anymore, the last really impressive one for me was 2014's The Salvation with Mads Mikkelsen. For a low-budget film, Kill or Be Killed featured an intriguing plot, passable acting, and a reasonable balance between character development and action. I did feel the editing was a bit sloppy, with some scenes too extended and others cut at the wrong time. Nonetheless, the storyline did hold my interest through to the surprises at the conclusion. 5-½/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  13. Cyber Girl, thank you very much for posting this title! Still cannot resist competitive-performance stories, be they singing, dancing, or musical instruments. Although the basic premise is not original, at least it pretty much held my interest until the satisfying ending. The biggest factor that held this movie back was the choice of the lead actor. Despite great performances by Clare Grant, Carlos Alazraqui, and Hayley Shuklar, whenever Stephen Kogon (writer, director, and main star) appeared, his one-dimensional acting and lack of on-screen charisma dragged the scene down. 4/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  14. Cyber Girl, many thanks for posting this title! Unique thriller-horror tale, focusing on a man who makes murdered people disappear, his sheltered-but-aware daughter, and the consequences of a dead body that refuses to stay dead. Solid acting, script, and filmwork. Ava Preston is outstanding as the daughter sheltering haunting visions of the dead around her, as she comes of age before her father's eyes. Gritty and suspenseful, a true undiscovered gem. 7/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
  15. Cyber Girl, thanks so much for posting this title! Although I do not normally watch documentaries, Robert Johnson has for a long time been a person of interest to me in the world of music. This was a nice chronological study of Johnson's life, and despite the many references to an encounter with the Devil, it did share many interesting facts about how he came to have such an impact on the development and perpetuation of the blues. Some of the similarities between Johnson and Hendrix were surprisingly creepy. 6/10 for me. Best regards, Dana
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