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  1. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, is there any chance of uploading the original Japanese version? The American dubbing on this is horrible and totally ruins the film! Thanks.
  2. GeeDee

    A road movie that is charmingly acted with gently comic exaggeration (featuring real-life father and daughter leads) and very nicely detailed. The truly superb and artful cinematography adds a beautiful edge. Highly recommended.
  3. GeeDee

    Certainly not one of Studio Ghibli's best – it's all a bit too saccharine – but the animation is charming nonetheless.
  4. GeeDee

    An oddly entertaining movie that features a superb Adam Sandler (just as he was in the excellent Uncut Gems). Worth a watch.
  5. GeeDee

    A Tarantino movie that I've not actually seen, believe it or not, so do let me know if / when you refresh the links. Thanks!
  6. GeeDee

    A mixdrop link would be great, if possible. I can't get the vev.io link to work. (Is it current?) Thanks.
  7. GeeDee

    Hi Cyber Girl, thanks a lot for The Trip to Italy and The Trip to Spain films. Gentle comedy, nicely observed. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon work well together. Tristram Shandy is another very good film of theirs. Please refresh the link, if you can.
  8. GeeDee

    I support Grofaz1940's request. Please upload the original 1931 "M" directed by Fritz Lang, if possible. Many thanks.
  9. GeeDee

    Thanks for the download. Here's my take on it. A dystopian and quite ludicrous video game shoot-em-up that struggles in vain – just like its protagonists – to escape the one-dimensional, superficial prison that it erects. It is also, for such an action-packed movie, incredibly boring and not in the least bit thrilling or suspenseful. We know what’s going to happen, and it’s difficult to care (about the cardboard cut-out characters or anything else) when it does. The directionless direction, routine cinematography and poor quality lighting don’t help much either! (The use of archetypal classical music over scenes of murder and mayhem makes for a darkly amusing contrast, though it’s hard to say whether this is intentional or not.) The vast majority of critics resoundingly approve of this film, all the while projecting their own social and moral analyses onto it, just as they did with the equally hollow Parasite, but all their allusions are an illusion. There really is nothing to see here (that hasn’t been done before, and done so much better). Check out the review in Slant Magazine, which manages to ignore the herd mentality and give an accurate appraisal.
  10. GeeDee

    A hugely entertaining vigilante black comedy that skewers gangsterism with what I can only imagine is a sort of Nordic glee, and racks up a growing body count (mostly gangsters) along the way, each death given an on-screen in memoriam. Recommended.
  11. GeeDee

    Thanks Cyber Girl. This film is similar to the director’s previous offering, the excellent The Hurt Locker, but here the central character fails to entirely convince, while the film oversteps somewhat into conventional thriller territory. However, it does do a good job of lending suspense to a story (the killing of Osama Bin Laden) that we already know the ending to, and there is lots to admire in the detail of Kathryn Bigelow’s direction. Recommended.
  12. GeeDee

    Superb film making about a US army bomb disposal team in insurgent Iraq, surrounded by (potential) enemies. Tense throughout, it is most definitely not your average war movie. Highly recommended.
  13. GeeDee

    Hi, any chance of refreshing the links for this movie again? Thanks.
  14. Thanks Barry. More 'arty' films like this on PTFlix, please!
  15. GeeDee

    A tough and visceral British gangster movie that is genuinely tense throughout, aesthetically supported by some quality sound design and colour cinematography. The film just about gets away with a well-worn script and a couple of over the top moments, although the emotive final scene, which is overlaid with an apparently soulful song, was poorly judged. Well worth a watch though.
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