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My Favorite Songs

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  1. kdm59

    It is from the movie. Every time he falls, she skates over to him and says "toepick" It makes for a hilarious scene.
  2. kdm59

    I have listened to his music for 40 years. Very few affect the industry as much as Elton, so a hardy thank you for posting this
  3. kdm59

    Sounds interesting
  4. kdm59

    Thanks for adding this
  5. kdm59

    Still good 40 years later
  6. kdm59

    One of the best John Wayne movies. Don't think I will ever get tired of watching it.
  7. kdm59

    Thanks for anothetr great western
  8. kdm59

    Thanks for this movie
  9. kdm59

    Thanks for the upload. Thought I had seen all of Hope's movies, but not this one.
  10. kdm59

    Was there anyone better than Jerry Lewis when it came to slapstick? Thanks for the film
  11. kdm59

    Haven't seen this in years. Thanks so much
  12. kdm59

    Really enjoyed this. Thank you
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