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  1. john i belong to that site and it's back up

    1. john0207


      thanks very much

  2. ratchet40

    thanks for this one too, if i'm not mistaken there was a different cut of this and it's suppose to be a better cut of the film which was an R rated film but it was edited to a G for some reason and it's why this film wasn't a hit back than. go figure you'd think that by now they'd learn that ya know?
  3. ratchet40

    thanks a bunch i don't normally get this before the release date but it comes out in like a week or so out here in North America. however outside the states it could already be out hence why i decided to get it. so thanks
  4. ratchet40

    i've wanted to see this for years, i know how it ends but i still want to see the actual film so thanks
  5. ratchet40

    i've seen all of these up to the (1998) or was it (1996) ? one or the other and the only ones that really are worth watching is parts-1-3. this one i haven't seen but by the sound and look of it is a remake of part 2 which is a decent film to be honest. so thanks for this i hope it's at least decent
  6. ratchet40

    thanks for this Corey Feldman film i've actually been curious to see this one for years actually
  7. thanks so much for this, i haven't even seen this in stores yet. yes i buy crap online but i'm old fashioned i guess i prefer to do it in actual stores i guess
  8. no you aren't they still make them i think in the states i'm 40 years old and i still buy them if i see them. these are a huge part of my child hood and even the film is too.. i loved the film as a kid but i dunno about now though. so thanks for the memories and for this
  9. ratchet40

    thanks for this one, Bill Finger is one of the best writers they ever had. i've been reading the really early work for the past couple years or so i've read them all digital of course from (1939) to where i am at now (1953) fall (1953) in fact and he's a very underrated writer i think. so i am thrilled that DC is now giving him the credit he deserves by putting his name along Bob Kane's as co creator. Bob Kane did come up with the idea of batman but Bill thought up the outfit the gadgets, the origin story as well... he also co-created the joker and i think catwoman to... he also introduced Science into batman to make it more realistic as well. he also co-created Robin as well. among other things like i think two face was one of his creations i forget to be honest. look him up or better yet watch this documentary about the guy.
  10. ratchet40

    thank you i just love this movie, like an idiot i had it on VHS but i think i had thought it was on dvd so i traded it in. but i really loved this film so thanks for the links update
  11. ratchet40

    thanks for this, it's one of her early films i haven't seen yet
  12. ratchet40

    sadly these links are now gone thank you anyways
  13. ratchet40

    thanks for this one Trivia Note this i believe is an early Michael Caine film way before he hit it big with (1965)'s Ipcress File or (1966) Alfie.
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