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  1. Thundar73

  2. Thundar73

    ty Cyb!
  3. Thundar73

    tytytyty very much
  4. Thundar73

    You always have a lot to say Cyb your welcome, good morning & enjoy lol
  5. Thundar73

    Eddie Murphy is coming out with a movie on the 25th based on the star of that movie. That's why I requested it. To see that old movie first, then Eddie's on the 25th.
  6. Thundar73

  7. Thundar73

    That's funny, another site just put that up a couple of days ago, now it's here. lol I should have waited, cuz the other site took me all night to get that movie. lol
  8. Thundar73

    Thank you
  9. Thundar73

    thank you
  10. Thundar73

    ty Barry. Without cable here, just have streaming services, wrestling isn't on any of them & not goin to pay for another service (WWE Network), so ty for putting all these up.
  11. Thundar73

    ty for these albums
  12. Thundar73

    thank you
  13. Thundar73

    thank you
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