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  1. Thundar73

    Thank you very much
  2. Thundar73

    TY for this. I got it yesterday, leaving a mental note to thank you. I didn't know this existed. Not in the states anyway. When I heard that first song, couldn't believe it was AC/DC..like "Whoa." It was like listening to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. "Whoa, they have a softer side?" lol
  3. Thundar73

    thank youuu!!!
  4. Thundar73

    ty Cyb dudette
  5. Thundar73

  6. Thundar73

    I knew about Subscene, I go to it when videos don't have subs during non English parts. But I thanked him for posting.
  7. Thundar73

    I knew that but ty You rock Dog
  8. Thundar73

  9. Thundar73

    Gracias senorita Cyb.
  10. Thundar73

    ty Cyb, have a rockin day
  11. Thundar73

    Thank you very much. Appreciate this.
  12. Guess he's not a fan of his album Trash which featured the hit single Poison. lol
  13. Thundar73

    In the tune to Queen's We Will Rock You - Cyber, Cyber, rocks us, rocks us, Cyber, Cyber, rocks us!
  14. Thundar73

    Thank you ever so graciously CyberGal. hi-5
  15. Thundar73

    These 2 links seem to be broken, could you find another? Thanks.
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