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  1. DarthChop

    Thanks guys... this one is a classic!
  2. DarthChop

    Nice one... thanks Barry.
  3. DarthChop

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the links for the Fellowship of the Ring say the file's been removed.
  4. DarthChop

    Alright! A decent copy of the Director's Cut. Thanks, guys. You're awesome!
  5. DarthChop

    Really been looking forward to seeing this. Thanks Barry and Cyber Girl for always being on it.
  6. DarthChop

    Awesome one, thanks. A very pertinent story for how the media operates, especially in today's world (the Covington kids incident for example).
  7. DarthChop

    Thanks for this... been waiting ages for a decent copy to watch. Snootchie bootchies!
  8. DarthChop

    All these links are to Ad Astra.
  9. DarthChop

    The openload file has been removed and Vidzi seems to be offline.
  10. DarthChop

    Thanks for this... been waiting for a decent quality copy to watch.
  11. DarthChop

    There's only the first 45 mins (CD 1).
  12. DarthChop

    Both links are dead... The Masons are trying to keep their secrets.
  13. DarthChop

    Excellent! Thank you
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