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  1. grandude

    I think I have a good copy on my older laptop, but I still just tried all 3 links, & can't download from any of them. Just get pop-up pages when clicking the download button on Prostream.
  2. grandude

    Thanks again so much Cyber Girl!
  3. grandude

    Wonderful surprise! Thanks so much!
  4. grandude

    Thanks a bunch, Cyber Girl! I used to watch some of the Lifetime movies with one of my aunts. I got her hooked on The Office, My Name is Earl, Boston Legal & Gilmore Girls. So I'm glad you post them. I watched Gates of Paradise after downloading it the other day, & enjoyed it, not knowing until I went to imdb.com to rate it, that it was the 4th in a series of movies. Downloaded Dark Angel, & I'm hoping you'll be able to post the other 2, Fallen Hearts & the prequel Web of Dreams. Just wish one of the subtitle sites would create Chinese subs for Lifetime movies, so my wife could watch them.
  5. grandude

    Cyber Girl, can you make this downloadable, please?
  6. grandude

    The page just blinks when I click on the openload link. Tried it in Chrome and Comodo Dragon.
  7. grandude

    The page just blinks when I click on the openload link. Tried it in Chrome and Comodo Dragon.
  8. grandude

    Doesn't open in new window or new tab.
  9. grandude

    Wow! Thanks for this, Barry! I merely did a search, had no results, didn't get around to requesting, checked back, and presto! you posted the whole set! What started me searching was, seeing that Bobcat Gothwait has a series about to begin, so I showed my wife a clip of his debut on Letterman, and was reminded that he had starred in the Police Academy movies. Thanks again.
  10. grandude

    Thanks for the super quick correction.
  11. grandude

    This is not In Her Blood (2018). It's Palm Swings (2017) something about swingers in Palm Springs.
  12. grandude

    LOL. A perfect example of clueless adults making movies about teenagers--60s adults' idea of teen life, and the music teens liked. My cousins and I never missed any of these. When kids could go to a movie about teens--at least in the US-- without having to be accompanied by parent or guardian. So corny, but fun and cute, and a mermaid! "She is my idot," by Eric Von Zipper became one of our lines.
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