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  1. faxerby

    Thank you Barry for your amazing endeavor in creating the links for this request. Cheers and take care Bud!
  2. faxerby

    Barry you're a man after my own heart! Holy Toledo a 3 GIG file on a giant monster throws the torpedo right out of the water. Thank you very much for this wonderful film. A big Cheers for this lovely gift...take care Bud!
  3. faxerby

    Wow Cyber Girl this goes a long ways into Memory Lane, bringing many memories. Thank you for both films...Cheers!
  4. faxerby

    Another great selection of rare Soft Rock music! Thank you Barry this is going to go down very nicely on my mp3 and sooth my soul...Cheers Bud!
  5. faxerby

    Hi there Barry? You really know how to touch a heart! Thank you so much for this good 3D film and fulfilling my request. I've seen the 2D version and will look forward to seeing how this turned out in 3D. Cheers to you mate and do take care!
  6. faxerby

    I kid you not! This is one of the most Romantic films in my books. Thank you Cyber Girl for this wonderful film and in 1080p... take care! Well talking about confusion, sorry Barry I got crossed eye when switching tabs, but it comes from the heart and Barry it is funny..Cheers mate!
  7. Well this is a first! I can't believe that I missed this the first time around. Thank you Barry for this soft Music and a flawless record in discovering great music to soften our hearts. Cheers Bud!
  8. faxerby

    HmmHmm this is sweet! Barry you've surprised me yet again. I had no Idea this was out there, I'm looking forward to seeing this film. Thank you for the links...take care! PS: This was a very nice film and funny at times. I recommend changing your " ASPECT RATIO " to 2.35:1 for a better screen size! Enjoy...cheers!
  9. faxerby

    This film gives me the goose bumps, I'm so scared all of the blood and guts. This is a great film if your bored and want some excitement. Thank you Barry for this scare and these kind of movies make my day!...Cheers!
  10. faxerby

    Wooooohh! Cyber Girl your on a spree, you've created these links with movies that are on top of the charts. This film is really a great watch. Thank you for all of them and the memories related from reviewing them in the past. Take care and Cheers!
  11. faxerby

    I absolutely agree with the folks above, this is absolutely one of the most beautiful films I've seen in along time. It touches your heart and makes you laugh with happiness. Thank you so much Barry for this marvel of a film...cheers!
  12. faxerby

    Barry your on a Collision Course with " The Unbelievable". How on earth do you do this? I am glad and thank you very much for this gift. Take care of yourself Bud ...Cheers!
  13. faxerby

    Barry after all these years you still amaze me! Thank you and take care!
  14. faxerby

    Hi Barry! Thank you for your continued support and giving the 3D community another great film to watch. This is only possible, because you make it happen. This film has only just been released and here the following day we have it. I've not watched the 2D version waiting just for this moment. Thank you so much and take care....Cheers!
  15. faxerby

    Thank you Cyber Girl for this lovely Historical film of times long gone. This nostalgic reminds me of the youth who can't wait to be adults and when adults wished they were young again! Old James Stewart has left us a legacy with great films from his days ...cheers!
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