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  1. Cyber Girl thank you for bringing these lovely romances and I'm truly grateful, for my wife loves me even more. These Romances bring out The Love Boat in her and of course I the reap the benefits...cheers!
  2. Cyber Girl you are a blazing Star! Thank you for this wonderful film ...my partner loves it, if she's happy I'm happy...you are unbelievably fast in full filing this request thanks and Take care!
  3. Thanks Cyber Girl... Nicholas Cage is a bad boy in this film, but I like him even though he has a long list of sour movies. Thank you for the links..Cheers!
  4. Hi Barry! Thanks for the scare, now I'm going to have nightmares...I will be sending you a bill for my Psychiatrist..HEHEHE (just joking)...take care Bud!
  5. Thank you Barry for making all of this possible! The Terminator Genysis comes alive in the 3D version and it's a wonderful watch...thank you cheers!
  6. You know Barry these type of films are a rare commodity, so when you put one up it brings deja vu of times gone by. Thanks for the film..cheers!
  7. Very nicely done Barry, this Duo of American Hits parade will have us dancing in the streets with all this great beats and sweet music. Thank you..Cheers!
  8. Hello CG? I'm still laughing from viewing most of Woody Allen's films.. thank you for the links...cheers!
  9. Woody Allen makes me laugh, that is the character which he portrays has a scientific, neurotic bumbling idiot! Almost like Jerry Lewis, but on a different level. Thank you for the films CG...Cheers!
  10. Thank you Barry for this happy Album, it forces one to sing, be happy and no worries....Cheers!
  11. Well I must say! A while back, several years I saw this film and was not impressed. The reason was that the file was less then a gig, however this file is almost 2 gigs and boy I'm impressed! Thank you Barry for another good 3D flick....cheers!
  12. Thanks CG, aka, proper cyber name ( Wonder Woman) these blood thirsty animations are hitting the spot and I'm no longer hungry! Thank you for the links...cheers!
  13. faxerby

    Avatar (2009) 3D

    Yeah Barry! This film is at the Top of the Charts! By far Avatar is the best Movie of the Century. The colours, action, scenery and story line makes this movie a 10/10. What have you done Barry was to make this 3D film blow the 10/10 into 15/10. The 3D scenery makes me salivate and what a wonder to watch. Thank you for making all this possible and a big hug is overdue, except my arms can't reach all the way there....Cheers my friend!
  14. Well Wonder Woman you did it! Thanks CG for these great animations, now I'm just going to enjoy watching them....Cheers!
  15. Cyber Girl this film is absolutely a classic! If you can obtain more of this type you'll be a Wonder Woman. Thank you for the link and looking forward to other films like mind....Cheers CG!
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