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  1. Aaahh! Barry you've hit the jack pot. This most sought after film has finally arrived in 3D and I can't wait to see it! Thanks Barry for another great view...cheers and take care!
  2. A great selection of universal music that will give joy to those who wish to party and at the same bring many good memories of the past. Thank you Barry, these are wonderful songs, that can calm and sooth a soul...Cheers my friend!
  3. faxerby

    Cars 2 (2011) 3D

    Thanks Barry for the second Cars series, although it's not as good as the first it still a great watch in 3D. I asked for it thinking that you would not be able to find my previous request. You and this site, CG and Dave have been a wonderful provider to its members in entertainment... cheers mate!
  4. Barry you are a wonderful star! I didn't think you could get this film, boy I'm flabbergasted. Thank you so much Barry I'm really thrilled. This movie is actually the second Crouching Tiger, unfortunately they haven't made the first in 3D. This action packed film will keep one glued to the set so as not miss out on all the fighting and visual scenes. Thank you so much Barry again and again....Cheers to you my friend!
  5. I hope this is acceptable if not please let me know! Only based on availability..Thanks Barry!
  6. Thank you Cyber Girl for the Hulk animations, I feel all bulked up now that I have my friend Hulk back...Cheers!
  7. faxerby

    Cars (2006) 3D

    Thanks Barry I'm pleased you were able to find this jewel. This film by far is the best of the Cars trilogy. The 3D version is again superior and to top off you added a large file making the viewing absolutely delightful. Thank you again...cheers my friend!
  8. Hi Barry I'm still trying my luck...thanks!
  9. Wooooh! Thank you CG you have just punished me with The PUNISHER trilogy and it has been a pleasure...cheers!
  10. This is my partner favourite movie. Every time we see it we talk about having fish and chips for Thursday. Thank you CG this film brings many good memories...Cheers!
  11. Thanks Barry this is a lovely film and again thanks to you I still prefer the 3D version. A wonderful, passionate and colourful film that encompasses a cute mouse and a desperate kid Who can't do anything right...Cheers my friend!
  12. Hello Barry, I don't know if you can get this so I'm trying my luck hoping that you can!
  13. This man is amazing just almost like spider man. He's got to be living on the edge and courageous of course. Thank you for this great doc CG this film reminds me of how precious our lives are...Cheers and take care!
  14. Barry wonderfully done. Thank you for bringing Back to the Future to the present, so we can enjoy watching this triple set. This is a cult classic in the sense that it brings old memories back from the past to the future, that is, us the elder generation. The 1080p makes viewing even better...Cheers!
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