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  1. faxerby

    Barry now you have done it! I can drink that cold icy Beer and toast it to you. I thought that I had put my foot in my mouth and said something to upset you! Phew. Thank you for another good 3D film and not giving up on us....take care Bud!
  2. faxerby

    Wow, Wonderful, great music! Thank you Barry this music sure makes my heart jump. These beats will get your body in motion before you know it... take care Bud!
  3. faxerby

    Howdy Barry? Thank you for this fourth Toy Story, never seen it yet, so hope it's as good as all the previous ones. Thank you for continuing to add 3Ds into this formidable Library....take care Bud!
  4. faxerby

    Barry thank you for these Justice League animations, their a hot commodity and sure is good to have them here....Cheers Bud!
  5. faxerby

    Barry there is no other way of saying this, but you are a "Super Star" yes you are! Thank you for another 3D adventure and I'm toasting a beer to you, right now I'm having a very cold one....Cheers Bud!
  6. faxerby

    Dang Cyber Girl you hit the hammer with this nail! Thank you for this perfect example of what happens to football superstars, when wealth and celebrity brings them crashing down to earths reality. Pele never lost himself, a perfect example of not loosing oneself. Thanks again ...Cheers!
  7. faxerby

    Barry thank you for this film, if it's as great as the first than this will be a wonderful view! Most of all its another excellent addition to your 3D library..Cheers Bud!
  8. faxerby

    Cyber Girl you Rock ! First time I've seen this film and boy it was great. Thank you very kindly for this wonderful film..Cheers!
  9. faxerby

    Nixon was a nice president to bad he became a crook, even with his denial! Thanks Barry I have not seen this particular Biography, so it's good to view from a different perspective to widen our horizons...Cheers Bud!
  10. faxerby

    Today we live by Gods, Angels and Fairy Tales. Tomorrow will be the faith that we are surrounded by thousands of planets with friendly Aliens, but this movie just scares the bejesus out of me. Thank you Barry for a wonderful scare, I don't mind being taken by one, but not to be eaten or a guinea pig...cheers!
  11. Yes Barry these are your great Hits and the music just keeps on getting better! Thank you for all of them...Cheers!
  12. faxerby

    Woooohhhh! Hold down the horses 3.3 Gigs this is going to push the genie out of his lamp! Thank you Barry for the colour, clarity and character that this movie has to offer in 3D. The Genie was great, Aladdin they could have gotten a better actor, overall a good family film to watch. Thank you Barry for the greatest selection of 3D movies in the whole world! Take care Bud!
  13. faxerby

    Thank you Barry for your amazing endeavor in creating the links for this request. Cheers and take care Bud!
  14. faxerby

    Barry you're a man after my own heart! Holy Toledo a 3 GIG file on a giant monster throws the torpedo right out of the water. Thank you very much for this wonderful film. A big Cheers for this lovely gift...take care Bud!
  15. faxerby

    Wow Cyber Girl this goes a long ways into Memory Lane, bringing many memories. Thank you for both films...Cheers!
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