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My Favorite Songs

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  1. faxerby

    Barry Thank you for coming through with more 3Ds. I have to tell you that you have put a happy smile on me. Thanks again and take care Bud!
  2. faxerby

    Wow! Barry what a bunch of old classic songs you have here. These hits just hit the spot in moving ones mood from Blah to Yeah! Thank you for all of them...Cheers and take care!
  3. faxerby

    hooowwieh! Way to go Barry, my boots are shaking and " Their Here" has got me all shook up. Thank you Barry for the scary Poltergeist films x4 and even better, excellent clear picture quality to boot! Take care Bud and Cheers!
  4. faxerby

    Yaahhooo! Thanks Barry for bringing 3D back alive! Hope your well..take care Bud!
  5. Hello CG hope your doing well? Thank you for the Lone Wolf Cub series. These films are funny in away, with all the slashing and cutting lots of action....Cheers and take care!
  6. faxerby

    Well what do you know? My pants and my jaw just dropped, what a surprise! I thought 3D was DEAD as a door nail and here we have a lovely surprise. Thank you Barry for this pleasant film. I hope you and yours are well... Cheers and take care!
  7. faxerby

    Hello CG hope your well? Thank you for this stunning and beautiful movie. The CGI with its colour, clarity and visual stunning scenes is a feast to the eyes. this has been a real pleasure to watch. Thank you for this film ..Cheers and take care!
  8. faxerby

    Hello Barry? Hope you and your family are well, at these not so certain times. Thanks for the 90s Dance Hits. Is there any chance you can get "Disco Hits". I mean any good disco music you can get your hands on. Thank you Barry for all of this, site and all you have given...Cheers and take care Bud!
  9. faxerby

    Cyber Girl thank you so much for this wonderful classic. This is a film with top notch actors creating a great Historical of war between Japan and The Good old USA...Thank you for the great show...Cheers and take care!
  10. faxerby

    Barry your The Man! Thank you for all these wonderful Hits Of The 80s. You've got my body in motion and a wonderful smile ..Cheers Bud!
  11. faxerby

    Hey thank you Barry! This gentleman is one my most favourite singers. His music and songs send my heart a warmth allover... Cheers Bud!
  12. faxerby

    Thank you ever so much Master Barry for another great 3D! More than this thank you for creating this super amazing 3D Library, as proof of the pudding no one else has ever created such a master piece. Some thing exists when one creates it and without you Barry this 3D library would have never been. Thanks you so much for all of it ...Cheers and take care Bud!
  13. faxerby

    Hi Barry! Thank you for these wonderful Sounds Of The Sixties. It brings back many good memories of times gone by.....take care Bud!
  14. faxerby

    Well Hi Barry! Hope your doing well. Thank you for raising this Hell Film series and it sure is a good way to get my goose bumps rising..... Cheers take care and thanks!
  15. faxerby

    Tah Barry! This Christmas 100 Hits are a wonderful mix of soft and cheerful music to liven your spirits. If you are feeling down these songs will cheer you up, if your not in the mood these will make you feel better and warm you up for Xmas. Thank you Barry for warming my heart with these wonderful melodies, just in time for Xmas...Cheers to you Bud!
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