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  1. bilhe

    Opening scene gave me a Das Boot style gritty claustrophobia and this movie just grew on me straight away. I loved it. Wish there were more like it.
  2. bilhe

    Thank you, heartfelt, that was a great movie to watch. Frisson!
  3. bilhe

    Thanks Barry, that was awesome, loved it.
  4. bilhe

    That was a good watch. Thanks Barry
  5. bilhe

    Thanks CyberGirl, Loved it, i have a jack russell/dachsund crossbreed and i would do the same. can you see if you can put up "The Rover" 2014. Its amazing too!
  6. bilhe

    Enjoyed it so much i watched it again tonight. This movie is up there with O Brother where art thou. This will be on my desert island must haves. Thanks again so much Cyber Girl. You rock,
  7. bilhe

    Watch this one Cyber Girl, you will laugh your sock's off. Thank you so much for putting it up here.
  8. bilhe

    Thank you again Cyber Girl, that was top notch.
  9. bilhe

    Thanks Barry, Sly still has the attitude. Thanks for puttting this up. Rambo has been and always will be unstoppable!
  10. bilhe

    Thank you Cyber Girl, That was something else. Had me hooked from the moment they got to the house. I'm gonna be thinking about this one for a long time. Think i'll keep smoking too.
  11. bilhe

    I can't believe i never heard of this before, OMG TY Cybergirl!
  12. bilhe

    Thanks Cyber Girl, good movie, not too heavy but the shitheads got the shovel.
  13. bilhe

    Thank you very much.
  14. bilhe

    Great, thank you.
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