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  1. emvxl

    Just remembered this movie - thank you.
  2. emvxl

    Thank you for this.
  3. emvxl

    Thank you very much - who knew Christmas occurs in August as well.
  4. emvxl

    Hello. Do you have any other sources for this movie? Neither link work for me. Thank you.
  5. emvxl

    Thank you for this - I've seen both this and Olympus Has Fallen and love them both. Did not know that there is a third one coming out on the 23rd of August. Will have to catch that on the big screen. Again, thank you.
  6. emvxl

    Thank you thank you. And did I say Thank you?
  7. emvxl

    A comedy classic. Now let me get my old printer outside and beat the crap out of if - now where did I put my baseball bat.... Thank you very much for this - have a good one.
  8. welcome to the site..emvxl

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