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  1. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Watching now, not bad at all! Thanks kindly!
  2. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Thank you Cyber my luv! I've heard great things about this film, I've heard dreadful things. Time to find out if it's god awful or glorious!
  3. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Thank you, Barry! I've been meaning to give this a looksee and see how it compares to the original.
  4. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Oh murderous fun! Thank you, Cyber Girl, this was on my list of 'wanna watch'.
  5. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Thank you, CyberGirl. I love holiday inspired horror!
  6. evilbunnyfoofoo

    I hope people will give this a watch, even though it's from the early 70s. Sutherland gives a really top notch performance in this film and the storyline is riveting. It's a long time favorite of mine.
  7. evilbunnyfoofoo

    Well, it has Nazis and zombies, I'm in like Flynn! Thank you, Barry!
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