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    All links gone from each site.
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    Link on this entry is dead.
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    Just finished reading the library book of this yesterday. Decent story, although it focuses more on Dan Torrence's struggle with his alcoholism in trying to live through his childhood horrors at the Lookout Hotel as well as how he more or less tried to destroy his adult life through drinking because of the "ghosts/revenants" who have haunted him his entire life. Dan also helps people who are on the verge of passing on in a hospice he works at, hence the name Doctor Sleep as he helps them gently pass on to their afterlife. The cult is loosely based on the older people who you see in campers and RVs on the highways and campgrounds of the US (but with a shadowy secret society angle with almost unlimited financial and political power), and the True Knot is an long-lived tribe of paranormal parasites who feed on children with the Shining (Shining is their food source), led by a devious, manipulating and merciless woman called Rose the Hat, a centuries old "glamoured" monster who wears a magician's top hat (hence the name). The cult is composed of those who has different kinds of the Shining before their Turning (powers like suggestion, sleeping, "invisibility", locators/trackers, etc) but was Turned by Rose into something not quite alive and not quite dead. Also, there is a surprise link between Dan and Abra, the girl he is trying to help. The entire story centres around Dan, Abra and Rose, with the girl's parents and great-grandmother (Momo plays an important part near the end), Dan and his friends from the AA and Rose and her cabal who is looking for the big white whale (a mega steamhead/huge shining food source) after a previous feeding has left the entire tribe dying (cycling) off one by one from disease with a final showdown between Dan and Rose (with Abra riding shotgun in Dan's head) near the end. And that is just some of the stuff happening (this is the basic premise of this story, but there is a whole lot more context, but you have to read the book to understand how everything fits together - I highly recommend it because movies tend to skip over important context and leaves out large chunks of story necessary to understand characterization and/or world building). Hoping the movie captured the best moments of the book?
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    All links on this entry is dead.
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    All links on this entry is dead.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    All links on this entry is dead.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    Good to hear. I've only seen the trailer of the second one so far (seen quite a couple of Troma movies and loved them all). Most of the other sites quote the second one but when you check them out it is the first one which they have mislabeled. From what the trailer is showing, they went even further all out then they did with the first one, if that is even possible? "Uncle Lloyd" really puts passion and effort into his productions, and I wish the mainstream cinema industry would give him his due. He's the guy who's collaborating out there, who meets and greets the fans personally, who gets us and our love of everything cheesy. Troma should be an brand name like Paramount or Blumhouse, not a "What is a Troma" when you tell other people about it...
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    All links except the VShare one is dead on this entry.
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    All BDRip links are dead on this entry.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    Any chance of seeing Volume 2 on here as well? (it has even more over the top events and effects than the first?) This 2-parter is considered Troma's first "blockbuster" attempt at trying to break into the mainstream cinema market.
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    For fans of Art the Clown, he appeared in 2 shorts (The 9th Circle in 2008, and Terrifier in 2011) and the feature film All Hallows Eve (2013) - he featured on the cover art, with IMDB indicating a second Terrifier movie in 2020.
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