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  1. This was a pretty decent horror comedy, brought to you by the Troma team. There's parts that will literally have you chuckling at the antics of the characters on screen, and the over the top antagonist (with a pretty "unique" name). The 3 guys (heroes?) near the end are so hapless, you can't help but root for them, even when you know they are so useless, they can't even help themselves? Typical Troma popcorn munching material, highly recommended for Troma fans, and newcomers to the franchise. XD
  2. Any chance of getting the sequel on here as well?
  3. There was rumored to be a third movie in the works. Wondered what happened to it?
  4. All links except https://vshare.eu/nu1yauvupani.htm is dead on this entry.
  5. Any chance of the sequel being uploaded as well?
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