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  1. sigmacademy

    Thanks CG! This one was on my watch list.
  2. sigmacademy

    This was supposed to be the 2nd part of a trilogy, but the third movie was never made, which is why the very short ending on this movie was supposed to lead into the third movie.
  3. sigmacademy

    Thank you CG! Hoping for a lot of laughs on this one - I saw the trailer of it and knew it was something I had to check out! It has a delicious sort of cheeky, spicy fun that seems to be what we need at this time. XD
  4. sigmacademy

    Any chance of updated links for this entry. It's a scifi classic?
  5. sigmacademy

    @Thundar73 Doesn't the classics still beat Amityville in terms of longest running movie series: Friday the 13th, Hellraiser and Halloween?
  6. sigmacademy

    YouTube has a version of this as well, but theirs is a shortened, clipped version. Thank you CG for putting the full movie on here!!
  7. sigmacademy

    Thank you CG! Along with Night Watch and Day Watch (the sequel of Night Watch), this was the first bunch of Russian movies in the "Red invasion" of Hollywood, showing that Russian movies could compete with US studio movies on every level commercially and be just as entertaining with cult hit status. Features a rare appearance by Leelee Sobieski, last seen by me as the lead in one of the Joan of Arc movies (with Milla Jovovich (from Resident Evil and Ultraviolet) as the lead in the other remake of Joan of Arc, although Milla was not in this movie).
  8. sigmacademy

    Thank you CG! Was waiting to check this out?
  9. sigmacademy

    A young man enters the underground fighting circuit of a new sports type which combines martial arts and basketball to look for the people who put his brother in a coma after an attack. He links up with a small group of hopeful underdogs who wants to improve their quality of life with the ever-increasing prize money with each match, but they are facing the previous champions who have no problem breaking the rules to win matches, even killing some of their opponents in matches. These 2 groups work their way through the ranks to face each other in an explosive final battle in a winner takes all grand prize that will solve all their problems.
  10. sigmacademy

    Is there by any chance a Mixdrop link for this? All links are dead on this entry.
  11. sigmacademy

    Than you , CG. This one was on my list. The Artemis Fowl fans who read the book was kinda disappointed by this film because it didn't accurately portray the characters (the same thing was said of Mortal Engines), but the trailer was interesting, so I'm willing to give it a try.
  12. sigmacademy

    This film was on my future watch list as well. The YT trailer looked really interesting.
  13. sigmacademy

    Thank you CG! Looking forward to watching this sequel to Attraction (film on here as well). I'd like to see what happened to the lead - previous film was about a young woman that fell in love with an alien, but their romance was being destroyed by the woman's jealous and possessive boyfriend who turned evil and used some of the alien technology to pursue and eliminate the alien interloper.
  14. sigmacademy

    This movie sounds a lot like the upcoming Unhinged (2020) (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10059518/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0) starring Russell Crowe.
  15. sigmacademy

    Thank you CG! This one has been on my radar for some time.
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