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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    Are there any Mixdrop links for this entry, perhaps?
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    Are there more links for this entry by any chance? Something along a mixdrop perhaps?
  4. sigmacademy

    This movie had a lot of controversy surrounding it, and many reviewers said they have no idea why. By everyone's estimation, the movie was quite tame when compared to much older movies, and the subject matter wasn't even spicy; if anything, it's more of a comedy than anything else?
  5. sigmacademy

    There's a non CAM rip up? Sweet!!! "They fly NOW?" "THEY fly now?" "They FLY now?" Me: Everyone in that scene must have been high as a kite, metaphorically speaking o'course... (every pun intended)... Also, that catapult sand bike was like somebody didn't quite the low rider concept right?
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    All links dead on this entry.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    All links seem to be dead on this entry.
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    Vidlox link still active, but VidCloud link has gone dead.
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    Both Mixdrop links are dead on this entry. The other 2 still seems to be up and working.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    Are there more links for this entry?
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    Are there maybe more links available for this entry?
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    The good thing about the PC bubble is that it forces people into foreign cinema and give those markets a viewership boost. I'm kinda surprised with what Soviet cinema (supernatural and scifi movies) and Bollywood (musicals and action movies) is coming up with, but even Malaysian and Filipino cinema is busy catching up (known for their martial arts movies), also China, Japan and Korea for animation, manga and fantasy/folk fables;Euro-cinema and K-dramas good for TV series. Good to see there are now so much different avenues you can get for viewing options. Even Jackie Chan is taking on more serious roles, apart from his usual action comedy.
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