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    There was also a 1998 remake of this movie.
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    All links dead on this entry.
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    Link for this entry is dead.
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    New link has been blocked.
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    New link is dead as well.
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    Link is dead on this entry.
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    All links are down on this entry.
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    Link is dead on this entry.
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    All links except fembed and letsupload is dead on this entry.
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    This is an obscure little gem, of a woman faced with incredible odds, fighting one fight after another with increasingly vicious and more skilled opponents in a death arena, by an Empire who wants the main character to submit to their rule or die. For fans who love strong, independent female leads and Resistance style stories. The same 2 actresses star in this as the movie Warrioress, and like in that movie, they still bring both the physically and feminine sides of these unique stories.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    This is the fifth I spit on your grave movie, counting the original, the remake of the original and the 2 sequels of the remake. This series is almost on par with Wrong Turn in turning out sequels, in pretty much what you expect from sequels - average stories with rehashes of the premise that are unable to surpass the original in shock value or originality.
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    All links except the Vshare is dead on this entry.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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    All links are dead on this entry.
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