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  1. hi 7P!!!! Very good to see you!!!  :hi-wave:

    1. graffman


      Nice One...I remember Seven Planets..

      Obi Wan Kenobi Hello GIF by Star Wars

    2. SevenPlanets


      Yes! I've been a stranger too long! Good to come here and be greeted by you and others. Thank you! 🐱

      Hey do an emoji search for moon if you want to laugh!

  2. Hi Mr M!!!!!!!!!  :hi-wave:

  3. And it came to pass that the minion of WhoLady did follow her unto the end of the earth.

    What Ho toots.

    1. WhoLady


      :hi-wave:  What ho indeed :giggle:

      Glad to see you here JP :)

  4. hola

    1. WhoLady


      HEY!! Where ya been? :x7VNilm:

  5. hello wholady i hope your well. do you know the site horror cult classics. im having problems accessing the site,i dont know if its at my end or a problem with the site.. any ideas or not...thankyou..

    1. WhoLady


      i am not familiar with that one.... give me a link.

      Have you ever used the website https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/

      You put your website URL in the box and they check it to see if the site is actually broken. At least then you know if it's just you.


    2. john0207


      thanks its all ok now

  6. Hey you!!





    1. The-Running-Man
    2. AndyWarholLives


      Hi WhoLady!
      I miss the old Vee days!!
      You were Tops of the Pops!!

    3. WhoLady


      Aw Gee Andy WarholLives, you're too kind :):):) I miss those days too, and so many great people I met there :(


      Quite a few familiar names here thank goodness :)

  7. DAN!!!!!!!!! Good to see you here!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aloha Koma!


    1. Koma


      Really Kewl dancing there Pluto!!!

    2. Koma
  9. Aloha from Maui Hawaii!!!

    1. WhoLady


      Aloha Koma!!  giphy.gif

  10. You rock! Thanks for all your contributions CyberGirl

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