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  1. john0207

    thanks barry n cybergirl..
  2. john0207

    thanks cybergirl..looks really good...
  3. john0207

    thanks cybergirl...love anthology films
  4. john0207

    thanks barry, a very good anthology horror film and pic quality is great....
  5. john0207

    thanks barry, i thought the film was great..9/10 for me...superb..
  6. john0207

    thankyou cybergirl.. i enjoyed the film..
  7. john0207

    thanks cyber girl...i prefferd the first steven king film in this series...
  8. john0207

    thankyou cyber girl..
  9. john0207

    thankyou barry,very good film..
  10. hello wholady i hope your well. do you know the site horror cult classics. im having problems accessing the site,i dont know if its at my end or a problem with the site.. any ideas or not...thankyou..

    1. WhoLady


      i am not familiar with that one.... give me a link.

      Have you ever used the website https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/

      You put your website URL in the box and they check it to see if the site is actually broken. At least then you know if it's just you.


    2. john0207


      thanks its all ok now

  11. john0207

    Thanks barry,kool film this was,i liked it a lot..???
  12. john0207

    Thankyou cibergirl
  13. john0207

    Thankyou barry..
  14. john0207

    Thankyou cybergirl,looks really good film,gonna watch now
  15. john0207

    Thankz cyber girl,you have came up trumps again..☠?
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