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  1. powerplant

    thanks... i wonder if these gambling ads across the movie really draw any traffic
  2. powerplant

    thanks , gracious, danke for the new post. those cam versions with the gambling ads are so obnoxious.
  3. powerplant

    for whatever reason i know not... openload drops the download 3/4 of the way through. I noticed they are more unreliable than before
  4. powerplant

    so this got terrible reviews but i typically love the actors and am still looking forward to seeing for myself... thanks
  5. powerplant

    muchos gracias CG ... you're wonderful.
  6. powerplant

    already dumped.
  7. powerplant

    this movie was much more interesting that IMDB let on. If you're into scifi or tech things you'd find it revealing. so maybe not great acting but overall a good view thanks for the post
  8. powerplant

    thanks for all the work you do ....and have a lovely new year!
  9. powerplant

    wanted to say that the upload site RACATY was very good. Fast, popup free, simple to navigate. A WINNER
  10. powerplant

    UserDownload works smooth surprisingly not one popup or malware redirect
  11. powerplant

    thanks for this... im a sailor so interested in the topic. didnt last long in theaters
  12. powerplant

    much thanks for the post, i wanted to see this at the theater but it was gone fast, so im not expecting much, but enjoy the topic
  13. powerplant

    you are a hero among movie lovers!
  14. powerplant

    gringo no more
  15. powerplant

    thanks very much for posting... i saw this new film showing at a festival but had not seen it on any streaming format. this guy looks very interesting and a real risk taker
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