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  1. Could anyone post Hellboy (the original? Thank you.
  2. Any possibility of getting an the open load link fixed for this one?
  3. WOW! It's as thoough David Lynch, Roman Polansky and John Carpenter combined to make this movie. What can I say? Toni Collett's performance is magnificent - oscar-worthy. The photography lends and score work together to lend a sinister mien throughout the film. It's hard at first to understand what is going on, and it begs the idea of rationality in the middle. Things are tied up at the end like a kick in the face. Well, well worth the watch.😮
  4. Thanks, Cybergirl. This is one great movie!
  5. Muriel's Wedding is a New Zealand or Australian film with Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths. Ver funny yet very serious issues are dealt with. If anyone has it, can you please post it? Thanks
  6. This one wrote the book on modern gritty scify. An excellent film that kept you on the edge
  7. If anyone has Super 8, can you please post it here? Thanks.
  8. Enter Nowhere is a very confusing film till near the end, where the relationships come into focus. I consider one of the better indie films, with good acting, directing, writing and plot. I don't know why everyone said Scott Eastwood's acting was terrible. I thought it was reasonable, if a bit of a smaller part. Well worth the watch!
  9. Russ1005

    Creed (2015)

    Any possibility that the openload link can be fixed?
  10. Any chance of an openload link on this one?
  11. Thanks, Cubergirl - thank you so much. I appreciate it.
  12. I just saw this documentary on A&E. If anyone has it without commercials, I'd appreciate it if you could post it here/
  13. Something is wrong with the openload for this link
  14. This is perhaps the best of movies dealing with Jesse James. James Keach as Jesse and Stacey Keach a Frank James, come off completely authentic. Especially James Keach whose protrayl as Jesse is cold, ruthless. The Caradine boys round out the Younger brothers. Looks like it might have been a documentary or biography in some ways. One of fthe best westerns.
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