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    Blood and gore upon the floor, and I forgot my spoon!One of the few horror films I will never watch again. Gratuitous blood and gore, bad acting (especially the leading lady), poorly photographed and directed. I can't think of any reason anyone would enjoy this film!
  2. Russ1005

    Thanks, Bary!
  3. Russ1005

    Any chance for a mixdrop link?
  4. Russ1005

    Thanks, Cybergirl, I appreciate it.
  5. Russ1005

    Thanks for the link and the movie, Cybergirl!
  6. Russ1005

    Any chance of a mixdrop link on tis one?
  7. Russ1005

    A Roger Corman opus! Wonderful unspoken horror with an evil feel all the was through. Debra Paget was never more beautiful, Vincent Price never more evil (well, maybe in Masque of the Red Devil). A great way to spend 1.5 hours on a rainy, scary night.
  8. Russ1005

    Any chance of a mixdrop list on this one?
  9. Russ1005

    Neither link works. Mixdrop available?
  10. Russ1005

    Ant chance of a mixdrop link or daven link?
  11. Russ1005

    Any chance of fixing the mixdrop link, which doesn't seem to have it?
  12. Russ1005

    Thanks a heap Cybergirl - I appreciate it.
  13. Russ1005

    A surprise - a pretty good 60's horror movie. Eerie and atmospheric with good acting and fx.
  14. Russ1005

    Excellent film. Transcendence exemplifies all that is good and bad in evolving society. Creativeness, compassion, creativity, criminality, terrorism ... it's hard to categorize all that is good about this film, and what is bad. No case can be made for the terrorism and betrayal. The high thoughts are, perhaps, beyond many viewers, BUT, not that many. Very good thoughts about progress, evolution, and humanity. Very good exemplification about al that is bad in out society. Watch it and see what your thoughts are.
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