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  1. Russ1005

    Broken openlooad link again
  2. Russ1005

    Thank you, cybergirl!
  3. Russ1005

    Thanks for this one, Barry.
  4. Russ1005

    Thanks, Cybergirl!
  5. Russ1005

    Any chance for an openload link on this?
  6. Russ1005

    Thanks, Cybergirl!
  7. Russ1005

    Thanks, Guys!
  8. Russ1005

    Any chance of an oload link?
  9. Russ1005

    Parallels is an exceptional film with a highly unusual story. The protagonists have a hell of a time trying to get out a building where every door enters a different alternate universe.
  10. Russ1005

    Thanks, Cybergirl!
  11. Russ1005

    Thanks for the fix and the pic!
  12. Russ1005

    Openload link is broke.
  13. Russ1005

    Thanks, Cybergirl. My Brother highly recommended this one. I hope it's as good as he says.
  14. Russ1005

    Thanks, Barry!
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