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    links dead
  2. NiteOwl77

    the verystream links have no option to DL and the openload link is dead
  3. NiteOwl77

    openload links dead
  4. NiteOwl77

    openload link dead
  5. NiteOwl77

    openload link is dead
  6. NiteOwl77

    this was a great movie!!! talk about childhood fantasies come true... bumblebee as a VW bug, just like the original (got him sittin on my desk now) a must watch for any TF fan
  7. NiteOwl77

    Thanks so much, Watchable copies but definitely not DvD screener copies. just decent cam. but hey its free aint it.
  8. NiteOwl77

    This was a REALLY REALLY good movie, lots of twists, one I didn't quite see comeing, includeing the whole "Charles Manson Type" guy dude was perfect for that role, in a really creepy groovy kinda way... don't miss this one
  9. lol sorry, thought that was a sad face.. my crappy laptop wont support whatever vshare use's, so I cant watch or DL rom there. OpenLoad one of a few sites I can do either.. THANK YOU :k0512:

  10. Thank you so much for Cloak&Dagger episodes... N Woww that was fast...

  11. NiteOwl77

    Movie is funny, worth a watch, and Paul Hogan is a very good actor, highly underestimated by most here in the USA, there are several movies of his (other than ole Crocodile Dundee ) than are well worth the watch, such as "almost an angel", that's not my dog" "floating away" and " Charlie & Boots" if u get the chance to see any of them u wont regret it. also "lighting jack" is pretty good, funny, good for rainy days when u cant find anything to watch on tv
  12. NiteOwl77

    openload links broken
  13. NiteOwl77

    files not found.... links r dead
  14. NiteOwl77

    link dead
  15. The link for ep 3 of the100 is dead as well

  16. NiteOwl77

  17. NiteOwl77

    files corrupted on only 2 working openload links. can u please replace
  18. NiteOwl77

    all openload links are dead
  19. NiteOwl77

    openload link dead
  20. NiteOwl77

    links dead
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