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  1. I was wrong this movie came out in 1985.. lol I was waaaaaaaaaay off.. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090022/
  2. Looking for Silverado came out mid 90s I think. Stars, Keven Costner, Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Scott Glen
  3. on my last hour of internet access, thank you again for trying to get this show for me. Hopefully you will be able to add it to this great site by the time I am able to return. Have a great day.
  4. this was a great movie!!! talk about childhood fantasies come true... bumblebee as a VW bug, just like the original (got him sittin on my desk now) a must watch for any TF fan
  5. Thanks so much, Watchable copies but definitely not DvD screener copies. just decent cam. but hey its free aint it.
  6. Ur the Queen CG, thanks. XOXOXO
  7. guessguess it cant be found,oh well
  8. this is the one with Jamie fox. haven't seen it here yet. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4532826/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_5 ) you guys have a recent knock off version but is crap, completely horrible not worth watching. thanks ahead of time
  9. THANKYOU so much you wonderful internet GODDESS .
  10. sorry didn't know about link thingy.. figured it might help u. didn't think about it not being allowed. plus none of the links on that page work anyway. and I didn't have the IMDB link
  11. StarTrek Discovery only airs online via CBS All Access. I like many others do not have access to their "ALL ACCESS". The second Season premiers this coming Thursday and Im hoping that you guys can add this show to your growing line up of excellent TV shows. Thanks for all the hard work yall do. and Hope you have a great new year.
  12. Hopeing beyond hope that you can work your wonderful web magic and find links for the new series StarGate Origins, I looked around myself and the best I cud do was but those links are either dead or for sum reason inaccessible by my crappy computer. Im a HUUUUGGE Stargate fan and wud love to see this series, and hopefully by bringing it here to this great site, make sum new fans of the Stargate universe
  13. This was a REALLY REALLY good movie, lots of twists, one I didn't quite see comeing, includeing the whole "Charles Manson Type" guy dude was perfect for that role, in a really creepy groovy kinda way... don't miss this one
  14. lol sorry, thought that was a sad face.. my crappy laptop wont support whatever vshare use's, so I cant watch or DL rom there. OpenLoad one of a few sites I can do either.. THANK YOU :k0512:

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