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  1. daddy_loves_horror

    Thanks @Barry and @Cyber Girl Sounds like my sort of movie. Downloading now
  2. Good afternoon and happy Friday the 13th all.

    Made this video for twitter as a little game I do on there.




  3. Good afternoon all

    Just wanted to share a gif I made that I am the most proud of

    Barbara Crampton Horror GIF

    I shared It on Twitter and Barbara Crampton liked and retweeted it and had a bit of palaver about it. So there you go. Have a great day all. 

    P.S The movie is called 'Castle Freak' :dance:

  4. daddy_loves_horror

    I'm going to have to watch this Thanks Cyber Girl
  5. Took me so long to upload a gif. And in the end it was a piece of cake :popcorn:


    angry birthday cake GIF by Monika KlobÄar


  6. daddy_loves_horror

    This one sounds interesting. Thanks Cybergirl
  7. daddy_loves_horror

    Thanks again
  8. daddy_loves_horror

    Many thanks
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