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  1. Antimony

    Thanks - but on the two Mixdrop links I'm getting:- {"success" : false, "msg" : "DB: Unable to connect to database" }
  2. Antimony

    Thank You so much Cyber Girl...I hope it's as good as anticipated! And I can download from 'Mixdrop' (never heard of it before), which is good, as I keep coming across 'embed' option only (which I obviously don't understand, lol)
  3. Antimony

    I'm posting after being prompted by Toadborg's comment. I went to see this at the pictures two nights ago (good rating on IMDb) and frankly wish I'd seen something else. Totally underwhelming. Can't fault the acting (Brad Pitt, Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones), but a tedious story - a considerable amount being a 'talk over' by Pitt. Perhaps it was one of those films with a message(?)...I kept waiting for it to 'get going', but it never did.
  4. Antimony

    Thanks CyberGirl - worth a look if Lance Henriksen is in it...however, can you check the Openload link as the title reads 'Defiant' and also the thumbnails are different from the other links ?
  5. Antimony

    Thanks Barry - I watched this again yesterday, forgetting I've already got it lol...I love 'isolation' films...and Danny Huston is in this (Thirty Days of Night). Good film, well made.
  6. Antimony

    I watched the original (In Order Of Disappearance...excellent film, I can recommend) last night...for the umpteenth time...I'll keep my eye on this thread for an updated copy to compare ??
  7. Antimony

    Thank You so much Cyber Girl - I was waiting for a decent copy of this. Excellent film - good acting and well made !
  8. Antimony

    Absolutely loved it ! One of those fun to watch British films - well acted and made. Thanks Cyber Girl !
  9. Antimony

    Cheers Cyber Girl - I wasn't complaining, just making aware. I think the film (copy) maybe is aimed at a Korean audience ?
  10. Antimony

    Cheers Barry !
  11. Antimony

    Thanks - lots of action, very well made film...the majority is in English with Korean subtitles, however there are large amounts of dialogue in Korean with no English subtitles (so I feel I've missed some important parts of dialogue).
  12. Antimony

    Good to see this on here - one of my 'easy to watch' British films. Looking at IMDb it's now 5.3 - so up from 4.9 when I last looked. Sean Pertwee is in it, as is Duncan Preston (Doug in Emmerdale, he was also in Dinnerladies)...I recommend this if you fancy a comfortable, easy to watch film.
  13. Antimony

    Thank s for this - a decent watch ?
  14. Antimony

    Thanks Cyber Girl - I was waiting for decent copy of this ! Have a fabulous Christmas
  15. Antimony

    Cheers - I never saw the first one, but found this a very easy to watch film !
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