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  1. Antimony

    Thanks CyberGirl - worth a look if Lance Henriksen is in it...however, can you check the Openload link as the title reads 'Defiant' and also the thumbnails are different from the other links ?
  2. Antimony

    Thanks Barry - I watched this again yesterday, forgetting I've already got it lol...I love 'isolation' films...and Danny Huston is in this (Thirty Days of Night). Good film, well made.
  3. Antimony

    I watched the original (In Order Of Disappearance...excellent film, I can recommend) last night...for the umpteenth time...I'll keep my eye on this thread for an updated copy to compare ??
  4. Antimony

    Thank You so much Cyber Girl - I was waiting for a decent copy of this. Excellent film - good acting and well made !
  5. Antimony

    Absolutely loved it ! One of those fun to watch British films - well acted and made. Thanks Cyber Girl !
  6. Antimony

    Cheers Cyber Girl - I wasn't complaining, just making aware. I think the film (copy) maybe is aimed at a Korean audience ?
  7. Antimony

    Cheers Barry !
  8. Antimony

    Thanks - lots of action, very well made film...the majority is in English with Korean subtitles, however there are large amounts of dialogue in Korean with no English subtitles (so I feel I've missed some important parts of dialogue).
  9. Antimony

    Good to see this on here - one of my 'easy to watch' British films. Looking at IMDb it's now 5.3 - so up from 4.9 when I last looked. Sean Pertwee is in it, as is Duncan Preston (Doug in Emmerdale, he was also in Dinnerladies)...I recommend this if you fancy a comfortable, easy to watch film.
  10. Antimony

    Thank s for this - a decent watch ?
  11. Antimony

    Thanks Cyber Girl - I was waiting for decent copy of this ! Have a fabulous Christmas
  12. Antimony

    Cheers - I never saw the first one, but found this a very easy to watch film !
  13. Antimony

    Thank You - 'horror' set in snow is my favourite combo !
  14. Antimony

    Update - enjoyed as the film kept me watching. No real storyline (that I could see), but the attention to detail gore-wise made up for that !
  15. Antimony

    Thanks ! Watched last night, well made and enjoyable film
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