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  1. Chesterdog

    Great ! I always like watching originals and the remakes back to back - This one, and the Lee Marvin one from 1970 will make a pizza and some popcorn an extra savory binge tomorrow night.
  2. Chesterdog

    Thank you! I will be watching this back to back with the remake.
  3. Chesterdog

    Tom Selleck really seems to fit the cowboy role. I liked him in The Sacketts, Crossfire trail, Last stand a saber river, and another I can't recall the name of. I am going to re-watch this one .
  4. Chesterdog

    And this one should round off the week end viewing menu for me - I don't recall much about it other than I did enjoy this fantasy flick. Should be a good re-watch.
  5. Chesterdog

    Gotta love the aliens in this B or maybe C flick. You are really hard core SCI FI (like me) if you go with this one.
  6. Chesterdog

    So I guess mirrorace link sends you to openload if you click that option on the redirect. That is a fair big download at 2 GB - good quality though.
  7. Chesterdog

    This one has a cast full of big names - Russell Crowe Leonardo Dicaprio Sharon Stone Gene Hackman and the list goes on and on of famous faces.
  8. Chesterdog

    Great show and good quality 2 - Thanx Cyber Girl
  9. Chesterdog

    Here is a link for the subtitles if you want or need them: https://subscene.com/subtitles/chocolate/english/1583550
  10. Chesterdog

    Thank you kindly :)
  11. Chesterdog

    The other links also seem to be sluggish ...
  12. Chesterdog

    Some how I missed this being posted. Thank you
  13. Nice ! Looks like some oldies listening time. Thank you ever so much.
  14. Chesterdog

    Thank you ! Was hoping you could find a good copy of this one.
  15. Chesterdog

    Excellent ! Thank you. Was hoping to see a good copy of this one some day. A classic story retold.
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