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  1. Good one. Best copy I have seen - followed mirrorace and ended up at openload with a 1.4 GB copy. Thanx !
  2. Here is a link for the subtitles if you want or need them: https://subscene.com/subtitles/chocolate/english/1583550
  3. The other links also seem to be sluggish ...
  4. Nice ! Looks like some oldies listening time. Thank you ever so much.
  5. Thank you ! Was hoping you could find a good copy of this one.
  6. Excellent ! Thank you. Was hoping to see a good copy of this one some day. A classic story retold.
  7. Was looking fro a good copy of this.. Great Flick with a cast of thousands and nice CG FX! Thank you.
  8. Iconic in music - if you've watched movies - you heard his music.
  9. Mucho Thanx-a-lot - Great remake of a classic.
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