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  1. Hi, folks,

    I am writing to let you know I probably won't be around much anymore.  My wife broke my teradrive with nearly 2000 movies on it.  Can't access them at all.  So, no more movies.  It's been great here.  Thanks for everything.



    1. Cyber Girl

      Cyber Girl

      so sorry for the loss of the movies,its a bad feeling, have been there myself losing movies that have been built over a length of time but you are a valued member of the site and will always be welcome here when you are ready to visit again..Take care..

    2. sigmacademy


      Man, that sucks big time. As a movie collector (physical media), I know the feeling when a rare or obscure movie disk cracks, breaks or fails to function properly over time (or when salespeople at my favorite 2nd hand store puts stickers on 1 side of a 2 sided disk, because they think that one side is "clean" - when it actually contains the specials/extras or the actual movie). Hope you get to rebuild your digital collection - I know losing your favorite movies can be a big loss. :(

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