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  1. AndyWarholLives

    Any chance for new uploads of this, please? Either way, thanks for all the great movies Barry & Cyber
  2. AndyWarholLives

    Great, underrated comedy. Kind of a sequel for Jeff Daniels to Dumb & Dumber, very funny. Thanks gang!
  3. AndyWarholLives

    Great Hellraiser . . . thanks Barry & Cyber
  4. AndyWarholLives

    Great podcast and expose in the L.A. Times about this creep. Major p.o.s. Thanks for the upload Cyber!!
  5. AndyWarholLives

    This movie was ridiculed in the 90's and I've never understood why, either. It's a fantastic movie full of great intrigue and storytelling, plus an ensemble cast who really gave it their all. This movie is one of my favorites of all-time.
  6. AndyWarholLives

    TY for this Cyber, this is a great foreign film!
  7. AndyWarholLives

    This movie has Gary Oldman, is it even possible that it could be not good? Wish me luck! Thanks Barry & Cyber!
  8. AndyWarholLives

    Thank You Cyber!
  9. AndyWarholLives

    Underrated horror movie. Totally solid with a great story. Thanks Barry!
  10. AndyWarholLives

    Silent Running is a very special movie. Been totally forgotten about by pop culture, but it was the inspiration for several other big Sci-Fi movies i.e. Star Wars and Outland.
  11. AndyWarholLives

    Such a classic movie Thanks Barry & Cyber!
  12. AndyWarholLives

    Any chance for an Openload? Thanks! Luv ya guys!
  13. AndyWarholLives

    This movie is twisted, Lol.... Thanks gang!
  14. AndyWarholLives

    This is a great comedy. Any chance of a larger file? Thanks guys & gals!
  15. AndyWarholLives

    Thank You very much, for this special movie, Cyber Been waiting for a long time, for a half-way decent copy to pop up
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