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  1. A great taste in Movies my friend.

    1. FilmFanatic


      Cultivated over many years, my friend. There was a clutch of great war films in the sixties. 'The Dirty Dozen' springs to mind, and I shall never forget the impact 'Where Eagles Dare' had on me when I first saw it. Mustn't forget 'The Great Escape' either. FF

  2. ashlynanthony

    Mother of all WW II films.
  3. ashlynanthony

  4. ashlynanthony

    Super film.
  5. ashlynanthony

    Wow, thanks so much for this great print of this old classic WW II film. First time was able to watch a 720p BluRay version thanks to this upload.
  6. ashlynanthony

    Excellent film.
  7. ashlynanthony

    Any chance of a better print?
  8. ashlynanthony

    Thanks for the BluRay print of this movie. Much appreciated.
  9. ashlynanthony

    thanks for the 1080p upload of this film. was looking out for a good print.
  10. ashlynanthony

    A super film.
  11. ashlynanthony

    Thanks so much.
  12. ashlynanthony

    thanks for this upload.
  13. ashlynanthony

    Thanks for this good print.
  14. ashlynanthony

    File not found. Any chance of re-upping this movie again?
  15. ashlynanthony

    A must watch film.?
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