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  1. I could do with a chuckle so I shall watch this tonight. Thanks, Rubes!
  2. I've always enjoyed this film, though the critics didn't rate it. Thanks for posting.
  3. Matthew Perry made a number of films after Friends. This one, and Three To Tango, are my favourites. Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks, Rubes! 😀 Any chance of a link without subs, please? Thank you.
  5. Hi, Rubes! Sorry to be the one to tell you that the Moxdrop links aren't working. They're only 8mbs and don't have the film, just an Asian guy. Cheers! FF PS. Great post otherwise.
  6. I watched this so many times when it first came out. It will be good to see it again. Thank you!
  7. Yet another brilliant, brilliant film. Thank you! If this carries on, I may have to propose marriage, ha, ha. 😉
  8. At the risk of repeating myself ... another of my favourites! Thank you.
  9. You seem to like all my favourite films. This is no exception. Thank you.
  10. Another brilliant film! Thank you!
  11. Thanks for posting this great film.
  12. Wow! This takes me back. Thanks for posting.
  13. Thanks for this one, too.
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