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  1. When you do add more links may you add other openloads of an English Dub version of this? Thank you so much
  2. Hey may you add other openload links of this in 720 or 1080p? That kind of openload link that’s their of the 720 version does not work on my end to download.
  3. May you please add other openload 1080p links of this movie if their is any, the imax isn’t working properly on my end. But thank you so much In advance. Always appreciative
  4. The very first openload link does not work any chance replace that one with an updated 720 or 1080p blu Ray openload if any. Thank you in advance
  5. The 1080p openload links are not working. Any chance replace them? Thanks in advance
  6. Any chance could replace the openload link to this one In a 1080p blu day version. The one here is dead link. Thank you in advance
  7. The openload links on this one does not work. Any chance may replace them with new openload links? Thank you
  8. May you add openload links of this movie? Copies look really good I saw online they had 1080p versions. Amazing for a movie like this that just came out recently
  9. You don’t have this one in 1080p in openload too? Although excellent copies and links here
  10. Any chance may add a 1080p copy/link of this?thanks in advance
  11. The openload link for the 720 blu Ray copy is dead. Any chance may replace it? And maybe add another extra openload link? Thanks in advance
  12. Any chance of updating the links above or adding a blu Ray hd copy 720 or 1080 if they have it. Thanks in advance
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